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South Africaby Mandy J Watson
Posted: 11 June 2007
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Boy In Static: VioletI have been listening to Boy In Static's mesmerising song "Where It Ends", a guitar-led alternative rock piece with punk and electronica leanings, almost non stop since the album was released a couple of weeks ago. It has wormed its way onto my MP3 players and into my iTunes playlist and in so doing it has become my current Song For Moments Of Depression (as well as my current Song To Bring On Moments Of Depression). The song haunts me on some days and elates me on others with its intricate musical expression and emotionally draining lyrics.

The song is about the ending of a relationship and the toll this takes on the human spirit, as well as how one begins to reflect on what once was as well as the realisation that the path forward is going to be filled with pain and moments of self doubt. There are also allusions to feelings of regret and longings for a different, unattainable outcome.

To heighten the emotional impact the magnificent, intense lyrics are practically breathed, rather than sung, across the instrumentals, which is especially effective when the strains of the viola are brought to the fore. While the vocal performance remains strained, pensive, and reserved the instrumental crescendos and then falls back a few times through the track emulating the emotional rollercoaster that the vocalist, band member Alexander Chen, is experiencing. At these points the track's percussive undercurrent becomes more prominent, before subsiding as the soulful, lyrical expression takes its place and carries the song forwards.

By the time the track ends you feel as if you have been taken on a journey that has changed your life forever, yet every time the experience is different as you peel away more and more layers of the song, discovering its depths and recognising the musical talent and expertise that produced this amazing song.

"Where It Ends" is the second track on Boy In Static's second album, Violet, which was released on 29 May 2007 by Mush Records.

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