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United States of America by Jase Luttrell
Posted: 2 July 2007
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Debra Fotheringham: Temporary"Temporary" is a song that starts off simply: the drums begin a beat while Debra provides some percussive background on the shaker and djembe, and the upright bass provides a slick, sliding bass line. After the musical introduction is established, Debra's soft vocals sing out the line "you asked if I was temporary", sustaining the final syllable of the line. Each line is sustained in this way, which artistically emphasises the meaning of the song: it is about a relationship that is sustained, but in a forced way. Before the chorus begins the electric piano and the b3 organ sneak in like lies, while the acoustic guitar hammers out a pulse on the main beats. "Temporary" is not about a breakup per se, nor the events that lead to a break up, but about the fleeting improbability of having a relationship that lasts. In this specific relationship, in each day that passes there is less truth, until the relationship falls apart.

The lyrics are purely clever in their organisation and rhyming scheme. Some examples include "how do words that we confide end up turning into lies?" and "no metaphors, don't make me find the truth inside your words". The imagery presented in the lyrics is subtly powerful. The line "I leaned against my car to feel the reassurance of its steel" and "the night is gone your words stain the sidewalk, and now it’s only steel that holds me up" are excellent examples.

Just as the introduction builds in musical instrumentation, the end of the song slowly deconstructs as the b3 organ stops playing, the djembe and secondary percussion becomes sparse, and the song slowly fades away, evoking the idea that as the relationship fades into memory, the music will as well.

"Temporary" is a clever interpretation about exposing lies and the darkness of a relationship that falls away with no resolve. Many other singers and performers have attempted to convey this message but Debra Fotheringham writes the lyrics with skill and perfection, and creates a piece of music that is a mirror image of the message her lyrics convey.

"Temporary" is the first track on Debora Fotheringham's debut, self-titled album, which was released as an independent album on 9 May 2007.

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