Butterfly Boucher: "We Don't Have A Clue"
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Butterfly Boucher may have a quirky name and her music may be equally quirky but the free download of "We Don't Have A Clue" is a fun and uplifting song that will make you smile and appreciate the day as time flutters by.

Butterfly Boucher - Scary FragileBack in October 2009 I received an email from singer/songwriter Butterfly Boucher saying that she was switching to a different email newsletter service so she was asking people to sign up for her (new and improved!) newsletter and was offering a free song download as bribery. I like bribery, and I have been a fan of Butterfly Boucher since I saw her perform as the supporting act for Sarah MacLachlan's Afterglow tour, so I signed up for the new newsletter and downloaded the song "We Don't Have A Clue", a B-side to Butterfly's second album Scary Fragile.

Butterfly Boucher by alanator on Flickr"We Don't Have A Clue" made brainwavez.org's selection of Music To Note because it really is a great track. Upon first listen, I was most impressed by the prominent bass-guitar work, which isn't too surprising, since this is Butterfly's primary instrument (though she is an exceptional musician and usually plays nearly all of the instruments on her recordings). Beyond the bass-guitar riffs I like the nuances from the rock-style beginning to the subtle and subdued verses and, finally, the pop sensibilities of the chorus. The instrumental bridge is simplistic but showcases Butterfly's ability to write music with uncharacteristic chord progressions that are still cohesive with more typical chord-progression patterns.

While the instrumentation is minimal (piano, bass guitar, drums, and electric guitar), the ample background vocals and harmonies fill in the interstices that the staccato percussion and guitar licks leave behind. Finally, the lyrics "don't forget to smile, you're fine" are especially uplifting, though perfectly ordinary. This juxtaposition between ordinary and cleverly composed is what I've come to expect and appreciate from Butterfly's music.

For an unspecified amount of time you can download "We Don't Have A Clue" by signing up for her periodic newsletter. With her new newsletter service, she has promised to email more new music and content in the future, so there is the possibility of more great tracks arriving in your inbox. If you're not interested in the newsletter, then pick up a copy of Flutterby, her debut album, or support indie music and purchase Scary Fragile, which had a long struggle with numerous record labels before being released by Butterfly herself (you can read more about these struggles at Wikipedia).

Posted: 18 January 2010 in: Music To Note

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