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United States of America By: Jase Luttrell on 1 October 2010
South Africa Illustration: Shameema Dharsey
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Break out your rum and eye patch, and train your parrot to groan for "braaaiins", because zombie pirates are searching for love on the high seas in this crazy composition in which their ultimate buried treasure is a zombie bride.

With a swarthy swagger, Tom Smith, the composer of the theme tune for the inaugural Talk Like A Pirate Day in 2003, graced the Internet on 18 September 2008 with the humorous tale of pirates-turned-zombies and their aspirations of romance and marriage in another song composed to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Today is (the proposed) Talk Like A Zombie Day and while we recognise that the average one may not say much more than "mmmmmmmm..." or "braaaaaiiiinnnssss..." we imagine that if they could sing... and were pirates... and in love... it would go a little something like the lyrics in this song.

Pirates don't typically sing about falling in love; they're usually busy thieving and drinking. And zombies, historically, have done very little except try to eat people. So you might not think that zombies or pirates could fall in love, let alone sing about getting married, but a zombie pirate is apparently very interested in the proposition, and willing to vocalise his intentions with his fellow mates.

Zombie Pirates In Love - illustration by Shameema Dharsey

At a length of only 02:36, the song is far too short, but the lyrics play out an intriguing story. You learn that a group of pirates become zombies after sailing into a glowing fog. They then sing of being in love with unnamed women, and of their honeymoon and maternal bliss, as if they were trying to woo a reluctant bride-to-be. There's a significant lack of moaning for "braaaiins" and certainly no "arrr!" throughout the song, but there is the ephemeral thumping of a heart that sneaks into the track before the final chorus, when the pirate zombie professes his love to his fiancée.

The music consists of simple percussion, piano, the requisite accordion (for pirate-themed music), and call-and-response vocals in the chorus. It's nothing remarkable, but that means it doesn't detract from the near perfect lyrics. My favourite line is "We'll keep love fresh with living flesh", while a close second is "we admire a lady for her mind, or more precisely her BRAINZ!"

You can listen to the song at Tom Smith's extensive comedic-music web site, or download a low-quality (128 Kbps) version of it for free. If you love it and would like to contribute, you can buy a high-quality (192 Kbps) version of the song for US$0.99 [?], or make a donation through PayPal if you have access to the service. I hope this gets you in the mood for brains and Halloween but, more importantly, that the song pops into your head when you see someone wearing the all too ubiquitous cheap zombie or pirate costume.

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Key Facts: "Zombie Pirates In Love"
Composer: Tom Smith
Year: 2008
Track Length: 02:36

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