Eduardo Gouveia: "Monkey Island Rocks" (Two Versions)
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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 15 October 2010
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Celebrate 20 years of piratey one liners and insult swordfighting*, secret immortality**, and repeatedly falling off a cliff ("rubber tree!"), with two great remixes of the theme tune to The Secret Of Monkey Island.

Today (according to at least one source) is the 20th anniversary of the release of the LucasArts game The Secret Of Monkey Island, an epic third-person point-and-click adventure in which the (rather misguided, somewhat inept, completely out of his depth) hero, Guybrush Threepwood, sets out to become a pirate. Hilarity ensues, of course, as he has to solve puzzles and meets an assortment of odd characters, and his nemesis, the ghost pirate LeChuck, in his quest.

The Secret Of Monkey IslandTo mark the occasion I thought I'd write a short Music To Note piece about a remix that you can download for free of the game's catchy theme tune. The original theme was a blippy 1-bit composition (certainly in DOS, played via the PC speaker) that pushed computer audio systems to the limit quite skillfully. (I love it dearly and for years I've been trying, with no success, to find a ringtone of it in all its blippy glory, rather than a MIDI version.) The theme was composed by Michael Land and has heavy Caribbean influences, as does the game's entire score, which was composed by Michael Land, as well as Barney Jones, Patric Mundy, and Andy Newell. The score was especially impressive to those of us who had the DOS version of the game as the sound output was made to seem polyphonic due to the skill of the composers in using arpeggios.

This remix and modern reinterpretation, composed by Portuguese musician Eduardo Gouveia in 2002 and called "Monkey Island Rocks", starts off lightly with the familiar refrains of the theme tune and homages to the blippiness (and '80s rock), recreated with light guitar plucks, but then later there are some surprises with fantastic guitar-heavy rock and a great solo. The percussion, while uncomplicated, is paired well with the guitar work and make sure that you listen with a good pair of headphones to hear the bass. It's a wonderful update to a piece of music that's been embedded in the pop-culture consciousness of an entire generation of gamers. Every time refrains from the theme kick in I get a nostalgic pang.

As a bonus, the original version of the track, which was composed by Eduardo Gouveia in 2001 and has the same name, is still available on his web site. It's slightly shorter and is more faithful to the original theme, with a heavier Caribbean flair to the opening guitar work that's more reminiscent of the style of the original score. In this version you can also hear some of the guitar work that was enhanced and expanded upon for the 2002 remix of this piece, which is a great way to see the evolution of his composing.

I'm not going to say much more - I'd rather let the two tracks speak for themselves. Happy anniversary Monkey Island! Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab!

* For your next encounter.
** Well, almost.

Music Eduardo Gouveia: "Monkey Island Rocks" (Two Versions) Share
Download Download: "Monkey Island Rocks" (2002) [ 6.6 MB MP3, 44 100 Hz/160 Kbps ]
Download Bonus Download: "Monkey Island Rocks" (2001) [ 4.9 MB MP3, 44 100 Hz/128 Kbps ]

Key Facts: "Monkey Island Rocks"
Composer: Eduardo Gouveia
Year: 2002
Track Length: 05:28

Key Facts: "Monkey Island Rocks"
Composer: Eduardo Gouveia
Year: 2001
Track Length: 05:06

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Eduardo Gouveia: Official Site | | hi5 | MSN Spaces
"Monkey Island Rocks":
The Secret Of Monkey Island: MobyGames | Wikipedia
Michael Land: MobyGames | Wikipedia Comments Speak Your Mind

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