The HaloScan Migration And Other Matters News

South Africa By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 17 February 2010 Comments View Comments

A brief update in which we point out that HaloScan has been destroyed, along with some of our history, save for the fact that we rescued it in the nick of time! A success, then!

A quick news update: a couple of weeks ago we received notification that the HaloScan commenting system, which we started using in 2006 and continued to use until we switched to Disqus halfway through last year (partly to test it out), was being shut down over this past weekend. This, of course, caused annoyed stress and panic and we set about archiving the comments for future migration as fast as we could before the deadline.

I'm happy to say that we did it in time but the migration, and implementation of Disqus on our older pages, has yet to happen. That is going to be a huge undertaking and will take time, so we'd like to apologise in advance if you end up experiencing commenting problems on our older stuff (you'd be surprised - and we are delighted - at how some articles still attract commenters years later). We're sorting it out as fast as we can but we are a small team!

Meanwhile, a reminder that the site is still technically in beta. Lately we've been trying out various layout, design, and content tweaks so you may have seen some smaller items appearing in different spots on different pages and certain functions appearing and disappearing but the core of each page - the article we hope you are enjoying reading - continues to remain intact and hopefully the other experiments haven't been too jarring.

If you have any feedback or preferences, though, leave a note in the comments below (which are working!) as we're always interested to hear your thoughts. Comments Speak Your MindShare/Bookmark

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