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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 26 August Comments View Comments

Please help us with a nomination in the 2010 SA Blog Awards. We're aiming for one in the category "Best Post On A South African Blog". Details of the procedure and instructions are in the news post. Your help can make all the difference!

It's SA Blog Awards time again and I'm entering one of my articles in category 4, "The Best Post on a South African Blog". After consulting some smart people I've chosen "Marketing District 9: The Web", a film feature article from last year, as the entry I'd like to submit. It's a multi-page in-depth exploration of the web marketing campaign that was run to promote District 9 last year - I found every buried video, schematic PDF (there was a really good weapon one!), and QR code redirect, to name a few of the multimedia devices employed, and posted links to everything.

Much like last year, this thing happens in stages. We're currently at the first stage - nominations - and I need your help (super fast) to get an official nomination!

The nomination process closes tomorrow. This will only take you only a couple of minutes.

Here's how to do it:
* Open the nomination page.

* Select "4 - The Best Post on a South Africa Blog" in the drop-down list.

* Copy and paste the following text, as is, into the field (note that there's no "http://" bit - it's very important that you leave it out):

* Look at the grey bar on the right-hand side of the screen - the URL should be listed there.

* Enter other categories if you want - I would like to suggest: in category 25.

* When you're done nominating, enter your email address in the field in the grey bar, type the security code, and hit the "submit" button.

* Check your email for the confirmation message.

* Look for the confirmation link in the email (this is very important!) - click it (or copy and paste it into your browser if you can't) to make sure that your nomination is confirmed in the system.

Thank you! Comments Speak Your Mind Share/Bookmark

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