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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 2 September Comments View Comments

We've made it! has officially been nominated in the "Best Post" category of the 2010 SA Blog Awards and is now a finalist. Thanks to everyone who nominated us. Now we need your help to win. Please read on to find out how.

Thank you to everyone who voted last week and got us officially nominated for the "Best Post" category. We are very excited about and really appreciate your support. The post nominated is "Marketing District 9: The Web", a very long, very difficult (research wise) piece I wrote last year in which I investigated every secret corner of all the District 9 web-marketing platforms to find out what they offered to the casual visitor, as well as all the hidden bonus items that only the truly dedicated would find.

We've also received a second, indirect nomination, in that I'm a finalist in the microblogging category for my Twitter account: @mandyjwatson. Thanks to everyone for your nominating support there, too!

We're now on to round two of the SA Blog Awards, and this one's a bit more of a challenge. This year the rules have been changed - instead of it being a democratic "one email address, one vote", it's now "one email address, one vote every 24 hours"! Craziness!

If we're going to win this, we need your help (over and over again day after day for the next two-and-a-bit weeks). I've figured out a way to simplify the procedure, so it shouldn't be more than a 30-second dent in your morning until 17 September 2010, when voting closes.

Here's what to do:
* Bookmark this news page in your web browser or, if you know how, set it up to open automatically every morning when you open the browser (I know Firefox and Opera support this functionality). [ Copy the link from the address bar above or from here. ]

* Open this page every morning and click on the widget graphic above or this link here.

* You'll automatically go through to the voting page, and will already be checked under "Best Post", as will my Twitter account under "The Ogilvy Twitter Microblogger of the Year". Pick any others that you may wish to vote for in other categories.

* When you're done, enter your email address in the field at the bottom of the page, type the security code, and hit the "submit" button.

* Check your email for the confirmation message.

* Look for the confirmation link in the email (this is very important!) - click it (or copy and paste it into your browser if you can't) to make sure that your nomination is confirmed in the system.

* Tomorrow, rinse, repeat.
(By the way, when they say "24 hours", they mean "24 hours". It's on a timer. It's very annoying. Please be Zen about it!)

Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated!

PS: You can follow us on Twitter here! Comments Speak Your Mind Share/Bookmark

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