SA Blog Awards 2010 Update - Voting Is Over And We're In The Top Two News

South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 20 September Comments View Comments

It's been two weeks of intense voting, lots of support from amazing friends (and strangers!), and all sorts of crazy fun. The voting phase of the 2010 SA Blog Awards is now over and it's been announced that we've made it into the top two. The winners are being announced on Saturday but for now - thank you!

We did it! Last night the top two finalists in each category of the 2010 SA Blog Awards were announced. Thanks to your continued support we made it - twice!

The article "Marketing District 9: The Web" is in the top two of the Best Post category, up against @slicktiger's very entertaining "The SlickTiger Guide To Klapping Gym Boet", and my Twitter stream (@mandyjwatson) is in the top two of the Microblogging category, up against the formidable (and hilarious) @gussilber.

There is a long list of amazing people I have to thank (in no particular order):

• My crazy, crazy friends.

• The team.

• My friends and colleagues at COSMO and Associated Magazines.

• My friends and colleagues at and Pure Publishing.

• My ex-coworker friends from SA Computer Magazine.

• My ex-coworker friends from Creative Living Magazines (and a few now floating around other places at Media24).

• My ex-coworker friends from, and current friends at, New Media Publishing.

• My ex-coworker friends from Research Africa.

• College Of Magic friends.

• Friends in the Cape Town geek community.

• Friends in the South African literary community.

• Friends at Engarde Fencing, Cape Town.

• A handful of PR people who are not frightened by me.

• An awesome assortment of friends (and friends of friends) on the other side of the world - Australia, the US, The Netherlands, and the UK.

• Various family members, and friends of the family, with Internet access (which still isn't my parents).

• And, finally, complete strangers that follow me on Twitter who offered their support (and the fantastic #CapeBlogs initiative). I hope you are enjoying the show.

The awards ceremony is on Saturday night, when we will find out who has won. I will post about that next week, hopefully with some photos (it's a very busy weekend, with braai... er... I mean Heritage Day and the Cape Town airshow happening as well).

Until then, again, your incredible support has been much appreciated. I can't thank you enough! Comments Speak Your Mind Share

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