2010 South African Blog Awards - We Won!
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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 26 September 2010
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The 2010 South African Blog Awards were presented last night in Cape Town at an event that was very different from that of previous years. Thanks to your support we have won the Best Post category and I also won the other category in which I was nominated. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The team has a few rules on this site, one of which is "no posting on the weekend" (although that's not to say that we aren't still working on articles or site stuff on the weekend, but we're not posting). The reason for this is that nothing should be done 24/7 - it's very unhealthy in the long term, though it may mean short-term gains. Life is something that needs to be lived and we all already spend more than enough of our time indoors staring at screens. Therefore, no posting on weekends!

I'm breaking this rule today (hopefully for the first and last time) because I imagine that there are some people who are expecting me to say something, and in the world of blogging that's supposed to have happened "yesterday" already. Also, tomorrow we jump back into our schedule and our workload for the site, with the added stress of October coming up, which is traditionally our big month, due to Halloween and our love of zombies and the convenient play on the "brain" of brainwavez. (Have a look at some of our past items here if you are already in the mood - to be honest we are never not in the mood!)

Last night went very fast and I'm still not really sure of everything that happened. (This is part of the reason why @lizetheunicorn was the only person who managed to provide (and I don't know how - amazing work!) comprehensive live coverage of what was happening. It wasn't because we were too engrossed in what was happening, it was because the actual awards portions went so fast that it was impossible to pay attention and process what was going on, and be ready in case your name was called (the order was not what was on the site, which made it more stressful), and take photos or send a tweet if you wanted to.)

What I do remember, and it's partly because I now have two very heavy paperweights with which to combat muggers, is that I won both my categories, for Best Post and Micro Blogger Of The Year. (The Micro Blogger one was a huge shock and it happened right at the beginning of the evening, which threw me for the rest of the night.) I am in the process of working on a blog post about all of this (not just with regards to last night but the entire controversial awards process), but it's going to take a few days because I need to collect my thoughts, as well as figure out how much trouble I'm willing to fling myself into in doing so, as it appears that Richard Mulholland is one of the very few people that, consistently, is able to get away with speaking his mind with no long-term adverse effects. I also, like (almost) everyone else, have a day job (technically day jobs), journalism work that's (over)due, and articles I need to be working on for brainwavez.org. I will upload the blog post to my personal blog because even though I imagine the team here will fully support what I have to say it's not appropriate for this site and I want to provide that distance. Therefore, when it's ready I will post a link to it in my Twitter stream and you can check it out from there.

For now, I cannot possible say "thank you" enough to the wonderful group of friends and strangers who have supported me, and brainwavez.org, through the 2010 South African Blog Awards. To know that I have that sort of support base is an amazing feeling and I am at a loss for words as to how to express my appreciation. I need to point out we run the site much like a magazine is run, with every article going through a process (except this one, at the time of posting, though I will get an email tomorrow with corrections, which I shall implement). brainwavez.org is a team, and everything that goes onto the site is a team effort, so although my name appears on the winning article, I didn't do it alone. Thank you (Jase especially).

I also want to acknowledge my fellow nominees in both categories. The lists were very quickly whisked off the official site - I don't know if they're been put back - and all of these people did (and do) amazing work that has helped to move the awards away from the "lack of quality" problem that has been a hot issue for years.

I first want to acknowledge the two people with whom I was a top two finalist. In the Best Post category it was @slicktiger, who is a superb writer - "Klapping Gym Boet" is not representative of his talent or range; he is particularly gifted at music reviewing, which has now been split off to another site. Please visit slicktiger.wordpress.com and have a look at what he's been doing for the past year, because it has only been one year, yet he has consistently produced engaging work.

In the Micro Blogger category it was a legend, @gussilber. (You probably all follow him already.) I don't even know what to say. I want to cry. (The voting process remains flawed but I thank my friends for their support nevertheless.) I am a huge fan of Gus' work as a journalist and have been for (...dare I say it?...) decades. His Twitter stream is just a public extension of his creativity, humour, and incredible warmth and it sets one of the benchmarks for what I perceive as being quality work on Twitter and to which I aspire.

The rest of the nominees are as follows. If you still haven't investigated some of these entries bookmark this page and keep coming back until you've been through both lists:

The awards were hard to photograph

Meanwhile, what's next for brainwavez.org? I don't know (in the grander scheme). Will this change anything? Only time will tell.

We will be continuing to post as we have before, as often as we can but not nearly as often as we'd like. For a while now I've been working on a new home page (that's a little less "sparse") so I may as well make it live... perhaps as early as tomorrow. Why not? We've been testing it and it seems to be working fine in everything except Internet Explorer's Compatibility Mode so if you see any errors send me an email and I'll do my best to try and fix it. (You may also hear the resulting swearing from several kilometres away. Do not be alarmed.)

As I mentioned earlier we're getting ready for "that time of the year". We have lists of ideas that are miles long and every year we get to about 2% of it, but it's always fun to do and we hope you will enjoy what's coming next. We also have more Cape Town Book Fair coverage to post, which has been in production for a while, so I know that will be of interest to some of the local authors that follow what we do on the site. There's also a lot of backend tweaking and a long list of minor things that need to be done, which never happens because there's never enough time. One by one we quietly tick those off the list, though.

Finally, we're always looking for more writers. You don't have to be a South African or living in South Africa. We are very South African centric because this site is run from South Africa and most of the writers are from here, but it's always been open to everyone. If you are interested, email me.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support. We are honoured and immensely grateful.

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