Vote For Us In The 2012 South African Blog Awards!

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 19 December 2012
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The public-voting phase of the 2012 South African Blog Awards is now open. We need one minute of your time to help make it to the finalist stage.

In a seemingly rushed and somewhat bizarre turn of events this year's South African Blog Awards process was suddenly announced a few days ago. (To be honest, we all thought it had finally died after years of controversy.) The (self) nomination round is over and now it's time for the public vote - and your help!

Vote For Us In The 2012 South African Blog Awards!

In 2010 we won two awards thanks to you, for which we remain extremely grateful. Last year the awards committee changed some of the categories and removed others (notably Best Personal Blog, which should be the second most important category in the competition). This meant that it became very difficult for small blogs, such as, and non-corporate-sponsored blogs - people doing it for the love of it - to compete. We like to enter the (now non-existent) Best Post category, which was another one that was removed from the competition so we did our best last year but sadly didn't place anywhere after a number of years of finalist places that culminated in 2010's wins.

This year the situation is just as dire but we are determined to compete. We've picked the Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog category as it's the only one that's remotely indicative of what we do but it is also one of the most popular categories so it's going to be tough to compete.

The badge is above, as you can see - click on it and follow the process, which should take a minute - or read on to find out what to expect as there are a few steps involved.

Here's what to do:
* Click on the badge above.

* Enter your email address.

* Look for the confirmation email in your inbox.

* Click on the confirmation link in the email (this is very important!) - click it (or copy and paste it into your browser if you can't) to make sure that your vote is confirmed in the system.

Had there been a Best Post category this year we would have debated whether to enter

Impressive Student Projects Showcased At UCT's Annual IS Expo


Co/Mix 2012: A Roundup Of Open Book's Mini Comics Festival

in the competition. Both posts did extremely well and encouraged discussion in the comments, which really made us happy.

Thanks for all your support this year - our numbers have been looking good for such a small site, even though we didn't have a viral hit this year as we have had in previous years, and I'm very proud of what the team has achieved.

Now, click on the badge, send this page's address to everyone you know, and let's win this thing!

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