Happy Holidays From brainwavez.org And 2012 South African Blog Awards News

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 31 December 2012
Category: News
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It's the (absolute) end of the year and we want to wish you well for the new year, as well as update you on the outcome of the 2012 South African Blog Awards.

Happy Holidays From brainwavez.org And 2012 South African Blog Awards NewsUsually around mid December we post our end-of-year note, then take a break for about three weeks to start fresh in the new year. This year, however, we were just about to do that when the 2012 South African Blog Awards we suddenly announced, right at the last minute when many people were already on holiday.

I decided, therefore, not to take a break this year so that I could focus on the site and running the voting campaign, especially as Jase is away at the moment seeing much of Europe. The public was given less than two weeks to vote - most of it during the Christmas holiday period when no one is online - so the entire process happened really quickly and very much under the radar this year.

The results have just been announced and unfortunately we didn't win, which was not unexpected because last year they took away the category in which we excel and there isn't really a replacement for it but we try our best anyway.

You can read the full list of results here.

I'd like to thank everyone who voted for us. I know there were a lot of you as many people personally emailed me and spoke to me about the awards and we appreciate all the support that you offer every year - it's the reason we won twice in 2010 and either I (via my personal blog) or the site have been finalists a few times before that.

If the awards haven't now completely died we'll try again next year, as we always do.

As for the site, we had a quieter year than usual because we posted fewer articles but we counterbalanced that by posting more in-depth feature articles than before. Two notable examples, which also attracted some particularly interesting discussions in their comment threads, were a roundup of some of the ICT projects that were showcased at UCT this year and a showcase of some of the highlights of this year's Co/Mix comics and graphic arts mini festival in Cape Town.

I'm really happy with the content that we're posting, some of which is still being read and enjoyed years later, which we can see in the site statistics. This, to me, speaks to the quality of, and substance to, what we do. Next year we will continue to bring you the same level of professionalism that you see in our work as we are determined to contribute substance to the Web.

Finally, there are people and organisations I'd like to thank. First, Rémy Ngamije, a very talented writer and photographer who wrote a piece for us in which he reminisces about his childhood experiences with Dorling-Kindersley books. You'll be reading more from him next year and I'm really excited about it.

I'd also like to thank speaker and entrepreneur Rich Mulholland and tattoo artist Derek Baker, who let me sit in on two tattoo sessions last year and then write about it. The first article was posted last year and the second was posted early this year.

BOOKS Live, as well as the South African literary scene in general and the local comics scene, is always incredibly supportive of the site, and I would like to thank the team, as well as all the authors and creators who tweet about us and promote our articles, for all their passionate help.

Nu Metro invites us to press screenings, which we attend when there is a movie on that we would like to evaluate for the site, and Penguin Books South Africa and MVD Visual are always happy to send us review products, which we really appreciate. Penguin has been sending us books for years - even all the way to Jase in the US at times - and I have a stack of (mainly) horror-schlock DVDs to get through from MVD, which includes some real gems (and, I'll admit, a little bit of junk). Expect some fun reviews of some of those DVDs next year.

Finally, I'd like to thank the rest of the members of the team for all their hard work, as well as the other contributors who helped with the site this year - some by posting articles and others by helping behind the scenes. We do this all out of love and passion and we appreciate it when you, our visitors, take the time to comment, retweet, post on Facebook, read the newsletter, and send emails of support. It makes it all worth it!

Happy holidays, and much success to you in 2013.

South Africa Mandy J Watson
founder and co-editor
Cape Town, South Africa

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