Indie Game News Roundup: March 2014

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 21 March 2014
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In our first indie game news roundup we have highlights of development news for Darkwood, AdventurOS, The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth, Mew-Genics, and more. Plus, there's a music based Humble Bundle running this week, and you can find out more about Drunken Robot Pornography.

Indie Game News Roundup: March 2014

Humble Update
This week's Humble Weekly Bundle is a collection of rhythm games: Symphony, Sequence, and BIT.TRIP RUNNER, with Audiosurf, Beat Hazard Ultra, and Retro/Grade unlockable if you pay over $6 or more. Unfortunately not all are DRM free and not all are available for Linux and Mac OS so it might not be good value for everyone. Four soundtracks are also included at the $6+ level.

The current Humble Bundle is another e-book bundle and includes an audio book of Cory Doctorow's Homeland, read by Wil Wheaton, which can be unlocked at the $15+ level.

Edmund McMillen, The Binding Of Issac: Rebirth, And Mew-Genics
Edward McMillen, the creator of The Binding Of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, among others, has been answering lots of fan questions on his Tumblr account for the past few days. Fans have been particularly curious about The Binding Of Issac: Rebirth, his reworked, pixel-art version of The Binding Of Isaac that is currently in development, and MewGenics, a "cat-lady sim", in which players breed successive generations of cats, that will eventually be released on Steam and for iOS and Android. Team Meat has been working on Mew-Genics for over a year but no launch date has been set yet.

YouTube link

McMillen has also been posting The Binding Of Issac: Rebirth art and animation/development teasers on the The Binding Of Issac Tumblr account, as well as item teasers. The first item teaser demonstrated Tiny Planet, an asteroid that is lodged in Isaac's head and causes his tears to orbit around him.

YouTube link

Disco Zoo: Development Art And Version 1.1 Update
Owen Goss, one of Disco Zoo's creators, has been talking about the development of the game in his Twitter feed, usually via questions people have been asking and in response to comments they have made. Goss created most of the art for the game, while Disco Zoo's co-creator, Matt Rix, did most of the programming. (Collectively they call themselves Milk Bag Games.) Goss also posted two development images - one of an initial sketchbook illustration of the design of the zoo entrance and an animal enclosure and one showing early pixel art, including a now defunct game mechanic that required players to feed the animals.

The game has been a smash hit on iOS devices and an update was submitted to the store about a week ago, which went live yesterday. Players can expect new animals from the Ice Age, some tweaks and improvements (including a "Toddler Mode"), and bonuses for habitats that have reached diamond status.

Get The Game: iTunes App Store

Kingdom Rush: New Campaign And Linux News
Ironhide Games has launched a new campaign, called Burning Torment, for its tower defence game Kingdom Rush. The update includes two new free heroes, new enemies, Easter eggs, new achievements, and bug fixes.

Kingdom Rush is also now available for Linux on Steam. Windows and Mac Os versions were already available.

YouTube link

More Information: Ironhide Game Studio
Get The Game: Humble Store, Steam

AdventurOS Development Update
Evelend, the developers of AdventurOs, an Indiegogo-funded 2.5D RPG in which the contents of your hard drive are used to generate levels, equipment, puzzles, treasures, enemies, and items automatically, have posted a few screenshots showing the inventory system.

At the moment they are working on the menu system and the level generator.

YouTube link

Darkwood's Developers Discuss Incorporating Permadeath In A Story-Driven Game
Darkwood is a rogue-like survival-horror game currently being developed by a small team in Poland. It received funding via an Indiegogo campaign that it ran last year.

YouTube link

The developers have posted a very interesting explanation of how the team solved the problem of incorporating a strong storyline into a game that features permanent death - in essence, how do you stop the game from becoming boring if the player has to speak to the same characters over and over again and complete the same quests?

The team also added a new member, Piotr Rusewicz, in February who will be "working as a copywriter, community manager, screenwriter and additional designer". Rusewicz has a background in indie comics, video game journalism, and literature. His introductory blog post includes some of his previous work and is interesting reading, as is the full Acid Wizard Studio blog.

More Information: Acid Wizard Studio

Shovel Knight's March Release Has Been Pushed Back
Shovel Knight's developers, Yacht Club Games, announced to its Kickstarter backers last week that the launch date will be pushed back from 31 March to allow for some extra polishing and submission preparation for the large variety of platforms and services the game will be released on.

YouTube link

Shovel Knight is a pixel-art platform adventure featuring a hero, Shovel Knight, who wields a shovel. Backers have had lots of input on the boss characters, and collectively chose three of them to be playable characters in the final game.

YouTube link

The Kickstarter update also showcased some new screenshots and discussed Shovel Knight's showcasing at BitSummit, a Japanese indie game event, where one of the game's composers, Manami Matsumae, got a chance to play the demo. Yacht Club Games has also put out a call for owners of game controllers to log their controller information in a spreadsheet so that support for it can be activated on Steam if it isn't already in the list.

More Information: Yacht Club Games, Shovel Knight

Drunken Robot Pornography Launches
Drunken Robot Pornography, a Windows- and Steam-only first-person shooter filled with robots (and a jetpack), which was in development for two years, was officially launched on Steam in February after a year of early access to a closed Alpha testing team and then a period of Steam Early Access. Here's the launch trailer:

YouTube link

The developers, Dejobaan Games, also announced Drunken Robot Battle Royale, a weekly challenge that is launched each Thursday (originally it was Fridays). Here is the very amusing announcement video for that:

YouTube link

More Information: Official Site
Get The Game: Humble Store, Steam

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