News: Help To Fund The Red Solstice, A Squad-Based Multiplayer Game Set On Mars

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 16 April 2014
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Can you assemble a deadly team and survive multiple waves of alien terror on Mars while completing objectives and side goals? That's the challenge offered by The Red Solstice, a new game that is seeking funds via Kickstarter.

Funding News: The Red Solstice

A virus destroys most of the human population on Earth. The uninfected survivors flee to Mars, where they set up colonies. Over 100 years later, during a particularly violent storm called The Red Solstice, communication becomes disrupted between the main Mars colony, named Tharsis, and the rest of the settlements scattered around the planet. An elite marine task force is sent in to find out what has happened.

[ YouTube link ]

The co-op multiplayer part of The Red Solstice features the stories of two of those marine squads: Unit Black Light and Unit Night Fighter. It's a top-down eight-player co-op survival game by Ironward in Zagreb, Croatia, in which waves of increasing numbers of enemy alien creatures will descend on your team. It's a fight for survival and, since the ammo and pickups are limited and you also only have a certain amount of storage space, your team will have to play strategically to manage resources and scavenge for more while trying to survive the attacks and proceed through the game to find the base, fortify it, and rescue survivors.

The game features a randomising engine so each co-op playthrough will be different, including the level layouts, the pickup locations, and the enemy start points. Therefore the emphasis will be on developing teamwork skills rather than memorising maps to your advantage. The game will also scale up or down based on how many players are in the squad so you don't have to worry about having a full complement of eight players before you can jump in.

[ YouTube link ]

Based on player feedback, a 14-mission single-player campaign has been added to the core game that's currently in development and it will allow players to explore the game alone but still with a team aspect - they will control all their team members by giving them instructions, setting waypoints for guidance, and sending them off to complete tasks such as exploring an area.

The Red Solstice is being developed for Windows, although the developers have intimated that they are looking into Mac OS, Linux, tablets, "or even consoles". Download the demo here and pledge here on Kickstarter. You have until 20 April (about four days).

Funding News: The Red Solstice

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