News: Get A Quickey - The Key-Sized Multi Tool That Makes It Through Airport Security

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 24 April 2014
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The Quickey is a multi tool the size of a key that's been seeking a small amount of crowd-sourced funding on Indiegogo. The campaign has been so successful that the project, with over a week still to go, is ridiculously overfunded and all sorts of new versions of the product have been introduced to keep up with demand - one of which now even raises funds for charity.

Funding News: Quickey

Designers at Trident Design in Ohio in the US have been working on the Quickey project, the aim of which was to produce a key-sized multi tool that you can keep unobtrusively, and constantly on hand, on a key chain and thereby do away with the unwieldy, large multi tools that you might have but probably never use anyway.

[ YouTube link ]

The team worked through various prototype iterations on paper and then via modelling in SolidWorks, which were then printed on a Stratasys FDM (fused deposition modelling) 3D printer and repeatedly refined. Once the prototypes were close to being what the team was intending a few CNC (computer numerical control) milled prototypes were manufactured using stainless steel. Team members then used, carried, and abused the final stainless steel prototypes to make sure they worked to specification and lived up to expectations.

The Quickey comprises a bottle opener, saw edge, scoring point, #2 flathead screwdriver, and file, all of which are cleverly built into a key-shaped design and can be used for various tasks. The company also tested whether it would be accepted at airport security and discovered that because it is small and doesn't have any sharp edges it will be, so there is a finally a multi tool you can take on board and have around in airports to deal with those annoying travel situations that sometimes require a little assistance (packaging tape, plastic security wrap, tags, and cable ties come to mind).

[ YouTube link ]

Trident Design has also subsequently discovered, via backer feedback, that the Quickey is useful in the kitchen for various tasks, such as peeling some types of fruit fruit, opening foil- and plastic-sealed containers, and opening cooldrink cans by using the Quickey instead of your thumb to flip the tab.

[ YouTube link ]

The Indigogo campaign has been doing so well - at the time of writing it was over 4000% funded - that the company has now introduced a number of new products to the lineup, the most striking of which is the Skull Key. A PinkKey is also being offered and a portion of the proceeds for that multi tool will be donated to breast cancer research.

[ YouTube link ]

Most recently, the company has offered black and gold Quickeys as stretch goals (based on funder count, not money generated) and it looks very likely that they will meet those goals very soon.

With the funding definitely guaranteed and the project being run by a company with a proven track record in industrial design, this campaign seems to be a safe bet and the product looks really good and useful. Pledge here on Indiegogo. You have until 4 May (about 10 days).

Trident Design: Official Site, Blog

Funding News: Quickey

Tags: #3d_printing, #technology

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