News: TeeFury Celebrates Star Wars Day By Making Themed Shirts Available For A Limited Time

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 9 May 2014
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Show your love of Star Wars, geekdom, or, you know, being clothed, by choosing your favourite from a selection of themed T-Shirts by TeeFury, which are available for a limited time only.

To celebrate Star Wars Day, which was this past Sunday (you may have missed it while recovering from Free Comic Book Day), TeeFury, which sells limited availability geeky pop-culture mashup T-shirts, released a handful of Star Wars designs from its archives into the gallery (its name for its shop), which will be available until 14 May 2014.

Some of the designs are quite cool, while others, to be honest, are pretty awful, which is extra surprising as these were all picked by TeeFury staff rather than randomly pulled from the ether. Presumably beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or something.

The selection is below, presented without comment. If you're interested in any, they are linked to's affiliate account, so any purchase will help to pay for the upkeep of this site (thank you!). TeeFury's shipping to the US starts at $3 and it does ship to South Africa as well, from $4 (I can confirm this).

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Bad Exterminator Unit by jkilpatrick

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Bounty Hunter S. Thompson by NikHolmes

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Siths & Sabers by Drew Wise

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Yoda The Grouch by AJ Paglia

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Bobakira by bleee

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Dark Duel by verrrso

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Rebel 'Til The End by RebelArt

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Graff Droid by sketchboy01

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Not The Droids by powerpig

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online The Odds by geekchic_tees

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Trust Your Instincts by CoD Designs

News: TeeFury's Star Wars Shirts
Shop online Anatomy by RubyRed

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