News: Cosmochoria Meets Its Funding Goal, Starts Reaching For The Stars

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 20 May 2014
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In development: a game in which you guide your tiny, naked cosmonaut around the infinity of space as he dodges aliens and tries to plant seeds on barren planets to bring new life to the galaxy. (It's not as naughty as it sounds.)

Cosmochoria Meets Its Funding Goal, Starts Reaching For The Stars

Cosmochoria is a bizarre little indie arcade game (although, isn't that usually the case?) that features a chubby, naked cosmonaut who must "revive a dying galaxy one seed at a time". He flies around with a jetpack and a blaster (to kill aliens, obviously!) and hops between planets to plant seeds that will sprout into new life that will slowly revive the planet it's been planted on. As the new plants grow they produce more seeds, which he can collect to continue the sprouting cycle on new planets to revive, ultimately, the entire barren galaxy.

The game is being developed for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and the Wii U (as a later goal for 2015) and it finished a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month where it happily reached its target (just a little bit, at 286%!).

[ YouTube link ]

The project is being run by Nate Schmold, a developer from Canada who is doing the design, programming, art, and sound effects, and the music is by the artists Ilkae, from Montreal, Canada, and Zebra, from Arizona, US, with Mantrakid (Nate's musical alter-ego).

A six-track EP, which most of the Kickstarter backers have received as a pledge bonus, was launched on Bandcamp on Friday and likely the full soundtrack, which will be over two hours long, will be made available there too once the game is launched. The EP is very spacey (in multiple senses of the word) and runs the gamut of unclassifiable genres (sometimes even in the same track), from - if I were to take a stab at it - goa-esque industrial electronica and drum-and-bass chiptune to 80s arcade and ambient.

Schmold is incredibly excited about developing the game (among other things, he endearingly signs off all his messages as "Love, Nate" or some variation thereof) and made two great decisions soon after the campaign ended - and he had recovered from the experience, and had finished personally messaging all 1255 backers individually to say thank you - that fans are really appreciating.

The first was that, because he was so close to the "pets" stretch goal, he decided to incorporate it into the game. The purpose of pets is to give you a reason to return to a planet after you have rescued the planet as previously there was little left to do but move on in the galaxy and keep sprouting seeds. You can use restored planets as places where you can take an egg you will find to (try to) keep it safe (from those aliens!) and incubate it until it hatches into a pet, which will be a random creature that will offer some sort of bonus or ability (those specific details are still to be determined).

The other decision was to host a live broadcast every Friday of his development progress at Twitch. The shows are also archived there, and at Schmold's YouTube account, so you can watch them later or at a more convenient time if you have time-zone issues. To see when he'll start streaming, look for the announcement via Twitter, although it's likely to be around 1pm PT/4pm ET/8pm GMT/10pm GMT+2 most of the time.

Cosmochoria Meets Its Funding Goal, Starts Reaching For The Stars

Cosmochoria has already been greenlit by the Steam community and will see a Steam Early Access release there later this year. Higher-tier Kickstarter backers, however, will get a chance to start playing early builds of the game via Steam very soon.

If you missed the window you can still jump in by pre-ordering the game via the Humble widgets on its web site. DRM-free copies for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux will cost US$12 or, if you'd like the soundtrack as well when it's released, the game is US$20.

Any pre-orders placed before July will also help to fund the development of the game, which means that Nate might be able to reach some other stretch goals, some of which include new terrain hazards, challenge modes, and a secret boss fight.

If you're not yet sure if the adventures of a tiny, naked cosmonaut is to your taste you can also play a demo online here, as well as hear more of the soundtrack. The demo is already quite entertaining and, as it's only in pre-alpha stage, it means there is likely to be lots more to look forward to as the game develops over the coming months.

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