News: Help To Fund Gryphon Knight Epic, A 2D Action Shoot 'Em Up Fantasy Game

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 26 August 2014
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Jump on your pixel gryphon and shoot your way through a diverse selection of environments and enemies in Gryphon Knight Epic, a new game looking for funding assistance through Kickstarter.

News: Help To Fund Gryphon Knight Epic, A 2D Action Shoot 'Em Up Fantasy Game

Gryphon Knight Epic is a medieval/fantasy shoot 'em up, featuring 2D scrolling pixel art, that is being developed by Cyber Rhino Studios in Florianópolis, Brazil. The playable hero is Sir Oliver who rides Áquila, a gryphon. With a group of like-minded adventurers he slayed a dragon and saved a princess but now some form of evil has fallen on the kingdom and he discovers, to his horror, that these very adventurers, who were his friends, have been overcome by a darkness and are now his foes. It is up to Sir Oliver to discover what is going on and set things right.

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Cyber Rhino Studios has been working on this game for five months so there is a lot of content that is complete and available to show publicly. The developers have already unveiled the various bosses and environments in the core game, which are varied and fun and include pirates, ninjas, and zombies. The team has also tossed out teasers of one of the sub bosses, TreeStache, an ent.

News: Help To Fund Gryphon Knight Epic, A 2D Action Shoot 'Em Up Fantasy Game

Three of the main bosses are women, which is great to see, although two have necklines that plunge a little more than is necessary. The coolest of the three is Zafira Faris, who is based in an Arabian-desert environment. She rides a scorpion (all the bosses have a unique fantasy steed), wields a great sword and shield, and wears sensible armour. If one of the funding stretch goals is met she will become an alternate playable main character with slightly different gameplay to Sir Oliver and her steed will change to a horse.

News: Help To Fund Gryphon Knight Epic, A 2D Action Shoot 'Em Up Fantasy Game

Some of the high-tier rewards are quite interesting and most have already been snapped up by eager backers. They include limited-edition plushies - one design features Sir Oliver and the other features Sir Oliver riding Áquila, which is particularly cute - and the chance to be pixellated in the game as either an enemy sailor, zombie, bandit, viking, ninja, or knight (it's no surprise that these are all sold out) or a non-playing human slave or villager (there are still a few spots left). There are also mid-tier options to get the soundtrack and a digital artbook and all the backers from the US$10 tier upwards get an exclusive wallpaper and a backer-only in-game feature: a different skin for Sir Oliver and Áquila.

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Happily, the game met its initial funding goal today and therefore what's left of the core game can now be completed but, unfortunately, it seems unlikely that it will meet its stretch goals of additional levels and bosses and the alternate female hero, as well as the enhanced environments idea, which would have added another level of charm to the graphics with extra animated background details and weather effects. It could happen though, especially if a few more funders jump on board this week.

Gryphon Knight Epic is being developed for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Pledge here on Kickstarter. You have until 31 August (about five days).

PS: Shovel Knight makes a sneak appearance in the game too.

Cyber Rhino Studios: Official Site

News: Help To Fund Gryphon Knight Epic, A 2D Action Shoot 'Em Up Fantasy Game

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