News: Blow Up Enemies In Cavern Kings, Which Is On To Its Stretch-Goal Funding On Kickstarter

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 28 August 2014
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Cavern Kings is an action platform game designed to test your reflexes and determination as you power through a never-ending series of levels filled with enemies. It features pixel art and a chiptune-inspired soundtrack and is looking for a little extra help through Kickstarter to reach stretch goals and pay for the expertise of a couple of professionals to add final polish to the game.

News: Blow Up Enemies In Cavern Kings, Which Is On To Its Stretch-Goal Funding On Kickstarter

Cavern Kings is an explosion-filled arcade action platformer with stackable powerups and randomly generated levels and monsters that is being developed by Russell Rafferty, otherwise known as Vine, in the US. The purpose is to keep digging down through the endless levels for as long as possible, all the while fending off enemies and boss monsters that become increasingly difficult to beat. The game features pixel art and a chiptune-inspired soundtrack by Ryuno.

Cavern Kings began life as a Game Jam entry but the developer subsequently decided to get serious about it and has now redone everything - all new graphics, completely new programming in Game Maker: Studio, and a total redesign of the project - to bring something more polished to the public to enjoy.

YouTube link

Cavern Kings met its small funding goal weeks ago and is now powering through the stretch goals - local multiplayer support, new bosses and enemies, and online multiplayer support (all achieved), as well as double the number of powerups (still a way off). Most of the game is already finished and the campaign was launched just to acquire funds to hire outside professionals to help with tasks such as creating the soundtrack and completing additional work on the visuals.

News: Blow Up Enemies In Cavern Kings, Which Is On To Its Stretch-Goal Funding On Kickstarter

In the meantime, Vine has been hard at work balancing the game and adding extra features and details, such as a special lighting system, as well as the rest of the powerups. Every few days a new beta is released that all the backers from the US$10 level and up can access, which has given them the chance not only to provide feedback on the game but also learn a bit more about how development works. Vine has also been testing controller support and has been working on the multiplayer stretch goals (the video below is a work-in-progress capture of how it will look).

YouTube link

Middle-tier pledge rewards include the soundtrack and an artbook and higher tiers offer backers the chance to design a powerup or character. If you're interested but not yet sure, there is a Windows only demo of the game available for download at You can also listen to the main theme and boss theme on Soundcloud.

Cavern Kings is being developed for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and backers from the US$10 tier and up will receive DRM-free downloads for all the platforms, as well as a Steam key if the game is greenlit. Pledge here on Kickstarter. You have until 31 August (about three days).

News: Blow Up Enemies In Cavern Kings, Which Is On To Its Stretch-Goal Funding On Kickstarter

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