News: Two Portland Based Comics Projects Have Hit Their Crowd-Funding Targets And Are Reaching For Stretch Goals

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 6 January 2015
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Two supernatural-themed comics projects by creators based in Portland are in their final days on Kickstarter and are looking for a few extra dollars to reach their stretch goals after both hitting their main funding goal - of printing a collected volume of an ongoing web comic - this weekend.

In December two Portland-related comics projects seeking funding via Kickstarter were quietly launched during the holiday period, which would seem to be the worst time of year to be trying to capture attention and people's money, but both reached their main goals in time, likely because the goal posts weren't excessive, and are aiming to hit a couple of stretch goals before time runs out for both this week.

News: Two Portland Based Comics Projects Have Hit Their Crowd-Funding Targets And Are Reaching For Stretch Goals

First up is Skin Deep Vol 3: Greetings, From Dogpatch by Kory Bing, which collects the long-form web comic Skin Deep in a third printed volume. The comic is about "mythical creatures that secretly live in our world" and you can read it online, for free, at The comic debuted in 2006 and has been ongoing since then. The first book, Skin Deep Vol 1: Orientations, is the story of Michelle, a sphinx, who goes to college and the second, Skin Deep Vol 2: Exchanges, is set in a town in Liverpool that's full of monsters. Both books have already been printed successfully, the second due to a previous Kickstarter campaign.

The third volume will be printed as both a full-colour 156-page softcover book and a limited-edition hardcover book (250 clothbound copies with a screen-printed front cover), and a PDF version will also be made available if you prefer e-books or can't afford the shipping. The book will comprise a number of short stories that appeared later in the comic's run, featuring characters that appeared in the first chapter and book, as well as extras that aren't available on the web site, including a character guide, creator notes, and a sketchbook.

Various tiers offer options such as all the books as PDFs, all the softcover books, or all the hardcover books. All backers can also opt for add-on extras such as medallions, artwork commissions, merchandise, extra books, and Kory Bing's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland-inspired card game Borogove, another project she successfully funded via Kickstarter. It's a project I backed and I'm very happy with the quality of the cards and how the campaign was run.

Pledge here on Kickstarter to contribute to the campaign for Skin Deep Vol 3: Greetings, From Dogpatch by Kory Bing. You have until 7 January 2015 (less than a day).

News: Two Portland Based Comics Projects Have Hit Their Crowd-Funding Targets And Are Reaching For Stretch Goals

The other project that has just been funded is one to print the first volume of Sorcery 101, a web comic by Kel McDonald that has been going since mid 2005. The story follows protagonist Danny, a history teacher who is learning sorcery from a vampire, and you can read it at, also for free.

The book will be a full-colour 750-page omnibus and the funding is to cover the print costs for 2000 copies, although a PDF version is also being offered. Additionally, the art for the first 460 pages has been redone because when McDonald originally drew them they weren't suitable for printing, and some were also in black and white. The art for these pages has been completely redrawn and a colourist was hired to colour most of the reworked pages.

Various tiers offer other comics that Kel McDonald has published, as well as artist editions and artwork commissions.

Pledge here on Kickstarter to contribute to the campaign for Sorcery 101 Omnibus Vol 1 of 2 by Kel McDonald. You have until 9 January (about three days).

Sorcery 101: Official Site, Wikipedia

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