South African Comics News Roundup: Icon By The Sea, The Modern Dragon, And A Bumper Free Comic Book Day Cape Town Focus

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 10 April 2015
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In this news explosion, find out about two cartoon anniversaries that snuck by, find out what's happening on the local comics scene, get a peek into what Ben Winfield's not supposed to be telling us about, and see Deon de Lange at Emerald City Comic Con. Plus, we've got a roundup of what to expect from local comics at Cape Town's Free Comic Book Day 2015 celebrations so start saving your money and prepare yourself to support our home-grown talent in May!

South African Comics News Roundup: Icon By The Sea, The Modern Dragon, And A Bumper Free Comic Book Day Cape Town Focus

This news roundup is our main big focus on Cape Town's celebrations for Free Comic Book Day 2015, well in time so you can't ever have the excuse that you had no idea, but there's also a weekend geek event in Durban that starts today and a solo exhibition that kicks off on Sunday in Cape Town, for those looking for more comics-related stuff to do in the next month.

We've also got a few other news stories and a quick roundup of recent snippets and mini stories.

Event: Icon By The Sea, Durban
South African Comics News Roundup: Icon By The Sea, The Modern Dragon, And A Bumper Free Comic Book Day Cape Town Focus• Friday 10 April 2015 to Sunday 12 April 2015; Durban North College, 25/26 Prospect Hall Road, Durban North, Durban

Icon By The Sea is being organised by The Unseen Shoppe for Durban fans of comics, war games, and board games. Visitors can expect games such as Warhammer 40K [rules booklet], HeroClix, Magic: The Gathering, as well as local and international comics. There will also be a cosplay event, which some of the Cape Town cosplayer will be entering as well.

Deon de Lange and David Covas Lourenco are already there to promote and sell comics of Tomica and Gofu, and Deon de Lange will also be doing sketch commissions and live drawing demonstrations of how he creates Tomica and Gofu pages.

• Tickets: R30 per person, R50 weekend pass, children under 6 free

All set up and ready to draw at #iconbythesea!

A photo posted by Deon de Lange (@deondelangeart) on

Event: OpenArt Sketch Meet, Cape Town
• Saturday 11 April 2015, from 10:00; Beleza, corner of Kloofnek and Burnside Roads, Cape Town

This Saturday's OpenArt Sketch Meet in Cape Town will be taking place in the city centre (Tamboerskloof) at Beleza, which is at the intersection of Kloofnek and Burnside Roads and opposite Rafikis. Grab your sketch books and drawing implements and hang out for the morning with likeminded individuals.

(If you can't make it, don't worry - there's a meetup almost every Saturday. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for details.)

• Cost: free (event) but buy something at the restaurant

Event: The Modern Dragon Art Exhibition, Cape Town
South African Comics News Roundup: Icon By The Sea, The Modern Dragon, And A Bumper Free Comic Book Day Cape Town Focus• Sunday 12 April 2015 to 25 April 2015; The Meeting Place Upstairs (upstairs at The Meeting Place Restaurant), 98 St George's Street, Simon's Town, Cape Town

Artist Lynton Levengood, who specialises in depicting dragons and who is working on a dragon-themed comic for Free Comic Book Day (see below) will be having his first solo exhibition at The Meeting Place Upstairs in Simon's Town. The show will feature a selection of his popular dragon paintings, which will also be for sale, that explore the secret lives of these mythical creatures.
The exhibition forms part of the St George & The Dragon Festival, which is taking place in Simon's Town on the weekend of 17 and 18 April in honour of St George's Day (which is 23 April) and will feature a fencing and sword display courtesy of En Garde School Of The Sword, live music, and lots of food. Visitors are welcome at The Modern Dragon exhibition at any point during its two week run but Levengood will be in attendance on 18 April to talk about his work so if you would like to meet him (as well as join in the main festival's activities) that's the day to go.

• Entrance: free

The Modern Dragon: Official Site, Event Information
Lynton Levengood: Facebook, Twitter

Event: Free Comic Book Day, Cape Town
South African Comics News Roundup: Icon By The Sea, The Modern Dragon, And A Bumper Free Comic Book Day Cape Town Focus• Saturday 2 May 2015, 09:00 to mid afternoon; Readers Den Comic Shop, Stadium On Main, Claremont, Cape Town

This year's Free Comic Book Day in Cape Town (the 14th celebration) is expected to be the biggest event yet in the city (even though it's hard to fathom how it could possibly get any bigger!). The hook is the free comics being offered by the international publishers but, as usual, the day is really about the city celebrating geek culture, with host Readers Den Comic Shop offering discounts on comics and merchandise, lots of special offers, giveaways worth thousands of rands.

Another big draw is the Artist Alley, which features local comic artists, illustrators, and creators. This year there are quite a few launches to look forward to (see below) so remember to take lots of cash to support the local guys.

Cosplay is also a big part of the day but this year it will take the form of a masquerade at 14:00 with spot prizes instead of a competition to make the event more inclusive. You can read more about it here.

The programme listing all the events hasn't been finalised yet but keep an eye on this page for the update to happen in the next few weeks.

• Entrance: free
Please note: although the event starts at 09:00 the queues now start forming at around 07:00 so if you are particularly interested in any of the special deals you'll need to get there early.

Free Comic Book Day Cape Town: Official Site, Event Information, Twitter
Readers Den Comic Shop: Official Site, Facebook

Free Comic Book Day Cape Town 2015 Comic-Launch Roundup
Approximately 14 new local comics have already been announced for a debut at Free Comic Book Day this year. With three weeks still to go this is very much subject to change (new titles might be added and some listed might not end up being completed in time) but here's a brief rundown of what you (hopefully) can expect.

South African Comics News Roundup: Icon By The Sea, The Modern Dragon, And A Bumper Free Comic Book Day Cape Town Focus

The Velocity Graphic Anthology team will be launching Velocity Macabre (pictured above, with wraparound cover art by Nicolas Rix), also colloquially known as "Velocity 5.1". It's part of a rebrand that will now feature smaller books, published more frequently (we hope), that will each comprise contributions around a theme.

The first issue of the new anthology Sector will be launched. It's intended to be a bi-monthly comics magazine (think 2000AD) that will feature work in a variety of genres by local comics creators that will be presented as a mix of both chapters of long stories split across multiple issues and self-contained short stories within one issue. The first issue will feature stories by Diorgo Jonkers, Nas Who, Karl Mostert, Michael Smith, Moray Rhoda, and Daniël Hugo.

Lynton Levengood (art) and Friedl Jooste (words) will be launching Draconis, an epic fantasy featuring Levengood's speciality, dragons (see above for details on his art exhibition, which is running this month).

Shameema Dharsey will be launching And Life Goes On, the sequel to The Cat Lady, which was one of our gift guide picks for last year.

Kay Carmichael will be launching Sophie The Giantslayer Chapter 2: Deep Waters, the third in the series after the very well received 12-page prequel from 2013 and last year's full-length chapter, Sophie Giantslayer #1. (You can read our review of the prequel here.)

Ben G Gendenhuys and Danelle Malan will be launching Cottonstar Chapter 4, which is still going strong and continues the adventures of the ragtag group of pirates off the coast of a post-apocalyptic South Africa. (You can read our reviews of Cottonstar Chapter 1 here and Cottonstar Chapter 2 here.)

Other launches include:
• Tomica #2 by David Covas Lourenco and Deon de Lange,
• Echo Gear #2 by Vincent Sammy (issue 0 review),
• Super-Dud #2 by Jarred Cramer,
• Crimson #3 by Alastair Brauns (issue 1 review),
• Monkeys in Your Face, a preview booklet by Pete Woodbridge,
• Pigeon City by Greig Cameron and John Amos,
• Monster Hunters by Gabriel Metcalfe,
• and Baku and The Demon Wielder, a work in progress by Santosh Moses.

Other exhibitors include:
• Nadine Moolman with both black and white and special-edition colour copies of The Order Blu: Prophecy, which she launched last year;
• kEda Gomes and Wesley Harris of Creamy Cheese Ninjas fame;
• Warren Raysdorf with Free Beer (reviews); • They Did This!, the team behind The Lil' Five series of comics for kids;
• Andrew Cramer with Week Daze Volume 1 (review);
• Jayson Geland and Daniël Hugo, co-creators of The Souvenir, another gift guide pick from last year;
• Roberto Millan with copies of the Squeers and Lwazi comic anthologies;
• Astrid Lochner of Rebel Monkey, who paints pop-culture artworks;
• illustrator Jordan Eardley;
• illustrator Valentina Phillips;
•  and illustrator Danielle Albertyn (Milo Wildcat Illustration), who created one of the local Star Wars #1 variant covers for Readers Den Comic Shop earlier this year.

If you're a fan keep an eye on the Artist Alley page on the official site for more information and if you're a comics creator feel free to post any updates or announcements in the comments section below.

Cartoonists Celebrate Two Anniversaries
There were two cartoon anniversaries in February that slipped by reasonably quietly.

South African Comics News Roundup: Icon By The Sea, The Modern Dragon, And A Bumper Free Comic Book Day Cape Town Focus

First up was Zapiro towards the beginning of the month, who celebrated 21 years at the Mail & Guardian. He was honoured with an animated cartoon by Pimples, which you can watch here (unfortunately I can't embed it).

South African Comics News Roundup: Icon By The Sea, The Modern Dragon, And A Bumper Free Comic Book Day Cape Town Focus

Later in the month the cartoon strip Trek Net, by Gavin Thomson (art) and Dave Gomersall (words), celebrated its 10th anniversary. The cartoon, which chronicles the adventures of Capetonian everymen Boet and John, was first published in community newspaper People's Post on 25 February but it has since appeared in a variety of newspapers and magazines, both locally and internationally, and it was also transformed into a 13-part live-action comedy series that was aired in 2013.

Trek Net: Facebook
Dave Gomersall: Africartoons

Deon De Lange Visits Emerald City Comic Con
Last month Deon de Lange and his wife Megan McFall travelled across the world to visit Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington, which is the biggest comics convention in the Pacific Northwest, as well as Vancouver Fan Expo in Canada.

He posted some teaser photos just to make us all a little jealous (and/or motivated to go next year):

See you, tomorrow, #eccc!

A photo posted by Deon de Lange (@deondelangeart) on

ECCC loot

A photo posted by Deon de Lange (@deondelangeart) on

De Lange is currently manning a table at Icon By The Sea (see above) so if you're in Durban go and get your Gofu and Tomica merchandise and while you're at it pick his brain about North American pop-culture expos.

Ben Winfield Creates Art For League Of Legends
In a previous South African Comics News Roundup we mentioned that Ben Winfield did some work with Shy The Sun. He has since revealed that is was for the promotional video for Riot Games' online multiplayer game League Of Legends entitled The Curse Of The Sad Mummy, which features music by Christian Linke from Riot Games.

[ YouTube link ]

It's an absolutely beautiful piece of animation work and storytelling and is incredibly moving. Unsurprisingly it has now been watched over six million times on YouTube. (You can read the lyrics and find out more here.)

At the time Winfield wasn't allowed to disclose exactly what work was his but he did cryptically state on Facebook: "Let's just say my fingers were in a lot of pies."

More recently he's started to post a little more about his involvement, which included a helmet design that wasn't used, an illustration that was later animated by Christiaan Venter and which appears in the video at this moment, and a flower that was animated, which you can see at this point.

Hey guys, so I am finally allowed to show you some art I did for Shy the Sun's Curse of the Sad Mummy animation for Riot Games. This was a helmet I designed based on a silhouette by Jose Vega. It was done for the helmet that Amumu would use to sail across the sea in. Unfortunately the style design was a bit off the mark so it didnt make it into the animation. #illustration #conceptart #digital #digitalart #animation #wacom #gaming

A photo posted by Ben Winfield (@ben.winfield) on

Keep an eye on Winfield's social-media streams for more behind-the-scenes info on the project.

News In Brief: In Pictures
We've going to end off with a selection of recent social-media posts that tell the whole story at a glance:

#issue4 #comic #selfpublish coming soon...

A photo posted by Ian Norris (@ianjasonnorris) on

90 year old granny Joan giving the #surfacepro3 a go :) #microsoft #digital #drawing #illustration

A photo posted by Ben Winfield (@ben.winfield) on

New business cards at last! @UOComics #sacomics

A photo posted by Deon de Lange (@deondelangeart) on

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