News: Build A Battle Goblin In Worst Warriors, A New Tabletop Game By A South African Developer

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 26 April 2017
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In Worst Warriors players pick from a selection of devious devices and peculiar parts to assemble a battle goblin who can take out his rivals in one-on-one combat.

News: Build A Battle Goblin In Worst Warriors, A New Tabletop Game By A South African Developer

Worst Warriors is a card based tabletop game by Megan Hughes, a South African video game developer. The objective is for a player to draw cards to build the best battle goblin possible, with the cards representing weapons and armour for various parts of the goblin's body, and then attack other players to try and knock their goblins out of the game. The winner is the person with the last goblin standing.

Goblins, of course, are not creatures one should take seriously so the game is intentionally humorous in both its selection of weapons and armour and through the art, which is by illustrator and video-game developer Dorianne Dutrieux, with the help of Dawid Strauss. The gameplay also allows for curveballs and unintended consequences, such as attacks causing damage to the attacker or players passing inconvenient cards to rivals who are then forced to incorporate them into their goblin's battle build.

News: Build A Battle Goblin In Worst Warriors, A New Tabletop Game By A South African Developer

Hughes, operating under the brand Board Silly, published the game earlier this month via The Game Crafter. It's an international site that allows anyone to publish a tabletop game using the company's professional printing resources to produce customised cards, game pieces, and other components. These can then be ordered, printed, and shipped anywhere in the world via the site's print-on-demand facilities as either a complete published game, such as Worst Warriors, or as components that a tabletop game developer might want to use for experimentation or a prototype.

News: Build A Battle Goblin In Worst Warriors, A New Tabletop Game By A South African Developer

Although The Game Crafter makes it easier for people to self-publish their projects, board games, much like most video games, take a long time to create. Only games that have been well conceived, prototyped repeatedly, and fine tuned have a chance of success. Worst Warriors has been in development for over five years - you can see some of the progression in the thread devoted to it on Make Games SA - and it has gone through tweaks, many hours of player testing, and drastic changes, based on feedback as well logistical issues caused by having to work within the constraints of what The Game Crafter physically offers by way of game components.

The game is available now, for US$49.99 (plus shipping). It's suited for two to four players, with gameplay lasting less than 30 minutes. Keep a look out at board game events later this year in Cape Town as it is likely to be showcased soon.

Worst Warriors: Official Site, Facebook, Twitter

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