News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 23 August 2017
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The LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store is an upcoming set that can take pride of place in your LEGO seaside village. If you don't have a seaside village the set is an excellent reason to start building one.

The LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (set number 21310) is the 18th LEGO set to be created by the LEGO designers based on a fan project that was greenlit through the LEGO Ideas web site.

The Old Fishing Store features a shop (named "Anton's Bait Shop") and a multi level watchtower comprising a viewing balcony and an office. It is a quaint, endearing set with an impressive number of details and inclusions. There are four minifigures - a captain, a fisherman, a fisherwoman, and a boy, as well as a cat and three seagulls. Seagulls have never made an appearance in a LEGO set before and have only previously been available as the accessory that comes with the Sea Captain from Series 10 of the LEGO Minifigures sets, which was released in 2013.

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

Smaller accessories, pieces, and tiles include crates, two types of fish, crabs, life preservers, a toolbox with a drill, oil can, and wrench, paddles, LEGO money tiles, and "boxes of hooks", which appear to be printed 1x2 tiles. Accessories you build or assemble include fishing spears, spear guns, dive helmets, and a till, as well as a telescope - using a sextant piece - that is housed on the viewing balcony and a weather vane that is on top of the watchtower.

The set comprises 2049 pieces and is built on a 32x32 sand-coloured base plate. The buildings are built on a small wooden boardwalk that's on top of a group of rocks (and somewhere underneath all of that, apparently in the shop, there is a spider and spiderweb) and they are constructed with wooden planks - brown for the roofs and a pastel sea green for the sides. The exterior is filled with details that include building techniques usually only seen on independent projects made by experienced builders, such as skew planks on the sides of the building and the store's roof. The back of the store building opens up and the roof lifts off for easy access. The watchtower's roof also lifts off, as does the top floor of the tower so that you can reach the office underneath.

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

The set was designed by 50-something-year-old LEGO fan Robert Bontenbal from The Netherlands. It gained 10 000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas web site, which qualified it for official consideration as a set, a process that takes months as LEGO designers experiment to see if the set is physically sound and make adjustments accordingly, if the number of pieces can be reduced to bring down the price point, and if the set will be a financially viable product for the LEGO Group to manufacture. Very few sets make it through this process - as noted this is only the 18th to be produced from LEGO Ideas projects since 2010 - so it's a very special achievement.

The Old Fishing Store is part of a larger collection of projects that Robert Bontenbal has listed on LEGO Ideas that are all themed around a seafront village, including a lighthouse, a dive shop, and a boat-repair shop. The boat-repair shop also managed to gain 10 000 supporters on LEGO Ideas, which means it qualified for official consideration as another LEGO Ideas set but, unfortunately, that project was not approved. A boat-house diner project is close to 10 000 supporters and still has almost a year to reach that goal. The set, as it currently stands, has lovely details including skeleton arms that are used to make the ship's rope ladders (as in, the LEGO piece that is a skeleton arm, not dead minifigs that have been fused into the ship in some macabre restaurant in an alternate universe), seagulls on the roof, brick detailing on the building's corners, flowers growing on the wall above the entrance, and a two-storey interior that includes two small dining rooms and a kitchen.

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

Robert Bontenbal will be on an official tour in Europe with LEGO this week, starting with an event in London today, 23 August 2017, which will be live streamed, during which the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store set will be unveiled. It will then be made available to AFOLs (Adult Friends Of LEGO) at the Leicester Square LEGO store on 24 August before the tour moves to Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

News: LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) Will Be Out Soon

The LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) will be available in international LEGO stores and online from 1 September, priced at GB£139.99/US$149.99/€149.99, but it will take a little longer to reach South Africa (the estimated time of arrival is mid September but that is subject to change). Because it's a limited release set it's likely that only a few will be made available locally so if you want one it's recommended that you buy it as soon as possible. (It will cost around R2600.)

LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310): Brickimedia, Brickset, LEGO Ideas, LEGO US

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