News: LEGO Certified Stores Are Coming To South Africa

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 12 July 2018
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Africa's first LEGO Certified Store will be opening in Sandton City Shopping Centre, in Johannesburg, later this month with more to follow in the rest of the country. This means that local LEGO fans will finally have access to a Pick A Brick Wall!

News: LEGO Certified Stores Are Coming To South Africa

A partnership between three South African entrepreneurs has resulted in the team receiving a licence to open and operate a LEGO Certified Store in Johannesburg, with more stores scheduled to open around the country in the next three years as part of the business plan. An online store will also be opening to enable LEGO fans across the country to purchase new sets from what will be the most extensive catalogue available locally.

A LEGO Certified Store is a store operated by a third party directly on behalf of the LEGO Group, which means it can offer all the new sets as soon as they become available, easier access to limited-edition sets, and in-store favourite experiences - such as the Pick A Brick Wall, the Build A Minifigure station, and the monthly LEGO builds - that stores that are only licensed to sell LEGO sets (but aren't "certified") can't offer.

News: LEGO Certified Stores Are Coming To South Africa
Photograph: Supplied.
Additionally, the certified stores have to adhere to strict shop fitting and layout requirements designed and set by The LEGO Group, which includes a focus on playfulness and creative experiences, rather than a shopping experience.

The South African entrepreneurs - Robert Greenstein, Hayley Greenstein, and Greg Bergh, who are operating under the company name The Great Yellow Brick Co in South Africa, which they founded last year in anticipation of this project - closed "a multi-million-rand investment and exclusive deal with The LEGO Group" in order to bring the stores to South Africa. Robert Greenstein initially approached The LEGO Group in 2014 about bringing the stores to South Africa but the company felt that the local market wasn't ready for a certified store. In 2016 the team was given another opportunity to pitch for the contract and this time it was successful.

Unfortunately my request to the PR company, Tribeca Public Relations, for more information on them wasn't responded to as I was curious as to their background in retail (which was described as "extensive").

Each store will create up to 20 jobs (for very lucky people!) and you can visit the web site to find out how to submit your CV should you wish to be considered for one of the jobs when the stores reach other cities.

The flagship retail store, which will be 179 metres squared of LEGO overload, will be opening on Saturday 28 July 2018: it is Shop L56A in Sandton City Shopping Centre in Johannesburg, which is on the lower level near the food court.

LEGO Certified Stores South Africa: Facebook
The Great Yellow Brick Co: Official Site, Facebook, Instagram

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