News: Call For Submissions (Comics): You Died: An Anthology Of The Afterlife, To Be Published By Iron Circus Comics

Iron Circus Comics is seeking proposals for submissions for its latest comics anthology, which will be themed around death positivity. Creators from anywhere in the world, working either solo or as a team, are invited to submit their ideas.

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 1 February 2019
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Calavera De La Catrina art by Jose Guadalupe Posada
Above: Calavera De La Catrina (c1920) by José Guadalupe Posada [ Image Source ]
Indie comics publisher Iron Circus Comics, which is based on the USA, has opened submissions for its next anthology project, You Died: An Anthology Of The Afterlife. Comics creators from anywhere in the world who are over the age of 18 are invited to send in their comics proposals during the submission period, which will be open from 1 February 2019 to 28 February 2019.

You Died: An Anthology Of The Afterlife "is for the dreams, stories, and fears humanity has surrounding what happens to us after death. Ancient lore of what awaits the dead, personal tales of what people have experienced, our favourite and hoped-for post-life scenarios, the dread of the unknown, and the acceptance of the inevitable. It's a death-positive examination - and even celebration - of a universal human experience."

You Died provisional cover art by Nick RoblesDeath positivity is a philosophy of embracing the concept of death and preparing for it rather than our standard cultural practice of avoiding the topic as much as possible and being in a state of denial. As such the anthology will be looking for stories about "what happens after death" in the form of fiction (such as myths and legends revolving around the afterlife); non fiction (such as personal accounts about experiences surrounding death, which includes adventures in cemeteries, visiting tombs, or attending a funeral); and, finally, biographies and autobiographies, which includes your personal philosophy on the topic.

What the anthology is not looking for is stories of serial killers or violent crime, graphic content, true crime retellings, religious evangelising, anything that isn't a comic (no prose or pinups), proposals from incomplete teams, and fan fiction.

Submission Process And Technical Details

You need to fill in this Google form detailing: the names and email addresses of all the people involved in your team; the title of the proposed story; a summary of the proposed story (beginning, middle, and end); an estimated page count; and portfolio links for each team member.

You do not have to have a completed comic at this point, you are offering an idea that you believe will fit in the anthology and will meet Iron Circus Comics' quality standards, which you can see by browsing through any of its previous anthologies.

If you are selected the comic you produce will need to be in black and white or greyscale and meet a page count requirement of between four and 20 pages. You will have three months to complete and submit the comic.

The final art must meet the standard USA graphic novel dimensions of 6.625"×10.25" (16.8275cm x 26.035cm). The anthology guideline page has more information and links to various templates that you can download for free.


Iron Circus Comics is offering a guaranteed page rate of US$50 per page (so if you are part of a team that amount will need to be split, however you decide, among your team members), as well as 10 contributor's copies per creator and the perpetual right to buy copies of the anthology for 50% off the cover price for as long as the comic is in print.

The project will be run as a Kickstarter campaign later in the year, which Iron Circus Comics has done very successfully in the past on numerous occasions, and this has usually resulted in a higher page rate by the end of the project due to the campaign meeting stretch goals that are designed to push up the page rate for the creators.


• 1 February 2019: Proposal-submission window opens.
• 28 February 2019: Call for proposals closes.
• 15 March 2019: Successful applicants will be announced.
• 15 June 2019: Final art is due.
• 15 October 2019: Book is scheduled to ship.

Make sure you read all the submission guidelines before you submit your proposal. The guidelines page also lists contact details if you have questions that have not been answered.

Iron Circus Comics: Official Site, Facebook, Instagram, Kickstarter, Podcast, Tumblr, Twitter
You Died: An Anthology Of The Afterlife: Call For Submissions, Submission Form

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