News: The Werewolves Versus Zine Is Being Crowdfunded Into An Epic Printed Tome

A crowdfunding campaign is running to fund the printing costs of the first five issues of the international - and previously digital only - Werewolves Versus zine, which features work by a South African comics creator. Pledge for the book - or the more accessible PDF - and help this campaign succeed.

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 1 August 2019
Updated: 3 August 2019
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The mockup of the book featuring cover art by John Keogh
Above: The mockup of the book featuring cover art by John Keogh.
Cottonstar co-creator Ben G Geldenhuys' work appears in the upcoming book Werewolves Versus: Volume 1, which compiles the first five issues of the Werewolves Versus digital zine into a monstrous printed tome that will have lycanthrophiles salivating.

Werewolves Versus has been running since 2015 and has so far produced seven 100+-page issues comprising comics, short fiction, poetry, essays, and pinups by a diverse group of contributors from all over the world. Each zine features a theme to anchor the contents - examples include "fashion" and "space" - and later zines have included bonus material, including music composed for the zines, work-in-progress images of final art that has appeared in the zines, high-res versions of some of the pinups, and other oddities made by the contributors.

The zines are available via a pay-what-you-want model (usually with a US$1 minimum to make it super affordable for almost everyone) through both Gumroad and and the income for six of the issues is split between the contributors. (The seventh, Werewolves Versus: Fascism, is a charity issue benefitting The Southern Poverty Law Center in the USA.)

The individual zines comprising Werewolves Versus Volume 1
Above: The individual zines comprising Werewolves Versus Volume 1 are, from left: Werewolves Versus: The 1990s, Werewolves Versus: Romance, Werewolves Versus: Music, Werewolves Versus: Space (featuring a cover by Ben G Geldenhuys), and Werewolves Versus: Hollywood.
Due to various South African comics creator's involvement I've previously written about this zine project a few times, and have also mentioned that this first printed volume, which has been in the works for over a year, would be launching at some point.

That time is now.

Kickstarter link ]

Angela Quinton, the project's co-ordinator, has finished compiling the issues into the book and has launched the project on Kickstarter to crowdfund the printing costs.

Pinup art by Ben G GeldenhuysGeldenhuys' contributions include his fantastic pulp-science-fiction-inspired cover for Werewolves Versus: Space, as well as the pinup "The Quickest Way To A Man's Heart..." (left), which he contributed to Werewolves Versus: Romance. He has also designed two of the werewolf-themed stickers, which were conceived by Cottonstar co-creator Danelle Malan, that are being offered as backer rewards for certain tiers. (Specifically the "Mean Grrrls" and "The Shifting" stickers.)

The book also features a second connection to South Africa as it includes contributions by Lew Viergacht, an artist and comic creator from the USA who, while living in Cape Town, created a number of pieces, including a very cool comic in Werewolves Versus: Space, for various Werewolves Versus zines.

Quinton is running the project from Canada, with set costs listed in Canadian dollars, but for purposes of simplicity I'm going to discuss the various costs in USA dollars, approximations of which are also listed on the Kickstarter page. The printed volume, which will be in full colour and perfect bound (individual pages glued to a spine), really is a tome, at "nine inches tall, six inches wide, and a whopping three inches thick" (that's roughly 23x15x8cm in most of the world; additionally, please pause for a moment to comprehend a nearly eight-centimetre-thick book).

The prototype of the tome
Above: This is the prototype that the printers put together to demonstrate the final book's size.
What does this mean for South African fans of Geldenhuys' work (or werewolves in general)? Dire things, unfortunately. The book, itself, is US$50 (which includes the PDF and an MP3 of a new original song by Colin Janz – "a monstrous continuation of his song 'As The Sun Sets' from Werewolves Versus: Music"). That is over R700 at the current exchange rate of roughly R14.50 to US$1, without shipping. Shipping is about US$17 more (at the current exchange rate that's nearly R250) before potential import taxes (don't think the South African government isn't going to grab its share too!).


If you have a friend in the USA to whom you can send the book (shipping to the USA is free) then that's a money saving option. Alternatively, there is a digital-only backer tier, which offers the book, plus the song, for around US$11 (around R160). This is a much more cost-effective option for South African backers and a really, really great deal for a book that is nearly 800 pages. Eight hundred! (Your average one-hundred-something-page trade paperback costs more than that.)

The prototype of the tome
Above: Certain tiers include stickers as a backer reward, two of which were designed by Ben G Geldenhuys.
For those interested, other backer rewards include an enamel pin designed by Quinton, as well as a bandana designed by Tandye Rowe, and a print of the cover art, which is by John Keogh. Assistance and fulfilment are being handled by Make That Thing, a spinoff of TopatoCo, which really knows what it is doing when it comes to these sorts of projects.

There are two weeks to go. The Werewolves Versus Volume 1 campaign is about 25% funded so it needs a push to get it over the finish line but there's still plenty of time to get it there. Support South African comics creators!

Pledge here on Kickstarter. The campaign is running until Friday, 16 August 2019, at 18:42 UTC/GMT (20:42 SAST/CAT/GMT+2; 11:42 PDT).

This post was updated on 3 August 2019 to correct and reflect that Ben G Geldenhuys had designed two of the stickers, in collaboration with Danelle Malan, and to make a change to Lew Viergacht's name.

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