MalaysiaGula-Gula Victory Cappuccino Sweet (circa: within the last 10 years)
I found a few of these stashed at the back of one of my desk drawers today in my "emergency storage" section. It might sound strange, but I believe that such a stash is vital to have (I said [in] emergency!), and was proven right this morning when our office tap water went on the fritz (or, more technically: brown) because a pump in the depths of the building broke...or something....

Anyway, this left me without the ability to make tea and only the giant-water-cooler-bottled-water option. This is really not appealing to me early in the morning when I'm desperately needing my tea, so I raided my drawer stash as I suspected that I might have a few cappuccino sweets buried somewhere in the back, and I was right.

Gula-Gula Victory Cappuccino Sweet

Gula-Gula Victory Cappuccino SweetNow, I don't know how old these things are, but I'm sure they've been designed to withstand a nuclear explosion, so I took my life in my hands, though with no real threat (unlike this experiment or this experiment, which I refused to test), and tried one. After all, "quality conserved within this special packaging".

The sweet in the picture looks rather gross, I know, but that's because it has lost its highly polished sheen, since it's been buried in darkness for a while. However, contrary to the opinion of most people I work with, aesthetics aren't everything, and it tasted just fine.

MalaysiaProduct Information
Description: n/a
Product web site: n/a
Nett Weight: 3.9g
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, milk, vegetable fat, instant coffee, lecithin, permitted flavour
Nutritional Information: Not listed

South Opinion
Where: At my office desk in Cape Town, South Africa.
When: 28 August 2006.
Size: Normal sweet size [7/10].
Foam: None (it being a sweet and all) [no rating].
Heat: None (it's still a sweet, people! You guys are weird) [no rating].
Taste: Intense, sweet coffee flavour [9/10]. I'm not really sure where the cappuccino bit comes in, though [therefore 4/10].
Price: I can't remember (I bought these things years ago) but they must have been well priced otherwise I wouldn't have bothered [no rating].
Overall: Yummy [8/10]. I like these things a lot. I can't help it. Sue me.
Posted by: Mandy J Watson Comments