United States of AmericaStarbucks (Phinney Ridge Branch, Seattle, WA)
I can't say much about the Starbucks... it sucked. We went there.... uh.... I don't know why we went there. Because it was nearby.

Starbucks started in Seattle, maybe it should end there. It was awful. And this is a chain that is all over the world. If they can't get the cappuccino (the simplest drink on the menu) right, then what else are they going to screw up? They're really great at making double mocha frozen caramel latte cookie crunches (I just made that up), but... as for simple coffee, they screw it up...

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Where: 316 N. 67th Street, Seattle, Washington 98103, USA
Phone: (206) 781 4153
When: 18 August 2006
Size: "Grande" (about as close to regular as you get) [5/10].
Foam: At least 2 inches thick, sour tasting, no chocolate or cinnamon on top [1/10].
Heat: Warm, but not hot enough [3/10].
Coffee: Decent tasting, some granules [4/10].
Price: US$3.22+tax [?] [4/10].
Overall: The sour foam ruined everything [2/10].
Posted by: Jase Luttrell

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