United States of AmericaSalt Lake Coffee Break

Salt Lake Coffee Break

This is one of the most popular hang-out spots in Salt Lake City, mostly because of its late hours. It has two large rooms, one with a variety of couches and local artwork for sale, while the other is full of four-seater wooden tables and barstools along the large windows. The patio, frequented almost exclusively by smokers, has metal tables and heat lamps for the cold winter nights.

Salt Lake Coffee Break

Salt Lake Coffee Break cappuccinoStudents are the typical customers at night, while during the day the coffee shop sees a wide variety of customers. The music is very loud and usually New Age Middle Eastern or Middle Eastern rap/hip-hop (the shop is owned by a Kuwaiti). Not only is the music loud, but the customers are often loud as well. Regardless, people still come to Coffee Break to study, and it was one of my regular haunts while I was in university. Now it is a place to go when I'm bored and want to do some people watching, because there are a wide variety of lifestyles represented at Coffee Break, and this is one of the only places in Salt Lake where people can watch these varying lifestyles coexist.

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Where: 430 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111, USA
Hours: 07:00 to 02:00, Sunday to Thursday; 07:00 to 03:00, Friday and Saturday
Phone: +1 801 355 4244
Web Site: n/a
When: 1 September 2006
Size: Regular (the only option available), wet/dry option (I went for the happy medium). The cup was slightly small [7/10].
Foam: Heaped (about 1.5 inches of foam) and slightly sweet tasting. There was, however, no spoon to eat the foam or stir it in! [8/10]
Heat: Barely moderate [4/10].
Coffee: The coffee was bitter and slightly sour, and it left a funny taste in the back of my mouth. With sugar, the sour taste still remained. There were some small coffee granules at the bottom [3/10].
Price: US$3.35/US$3.60 with tax [?] [5/10].
Overall: Good foam, lousy coffee. At least there was a lot of the good part. The coffee was served with a biscuit/rusk that was just a hard chunk of sugar in the raw [5/10].

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