United States of AmericaJase's Friend's Parent's House, (Secret Location To Dissuade Stalkers), Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: Coffee Machine
I went to my friend's parent's house to celebrate the recent 24th birthday of my friend. I arrived a little after 1pm, and we had lunch at about 2:30pm while watching the New Orleans Saints versus Pittsburgh Steeler's football game. The game was good, but the lunch was better.

I was treated to a mixed greens salad with walnuts, carrots, and dried cranberries with a sweet, light dressing. Then I had mashed potatoes, asparagus, steak, and bread. The lunch was amazing, and the steak was buttery and velvety, and was cooked medium-rare.

After watching the end of the game and entertaining my friend's little brother, it was time for birthday cake. The chocolate cake was good, but the cappuccino was simply amazing. I hope I am invited over more, with the hope that I can spend more quality time with my friend, her generous family, and another glorious cappuccino, with or without the foam.

United States of Americabrainwavez.org Opinion
Where: A secret location in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Hours: n/a
Phone: Seriously? We're not going to encourage your stalking habits.
Web Site: n/a
When: 12 November 2006
Size: The size of a normal coffee mug, so, regular [7/10].
Foam: None. Something went wrong with the machine [no rating].
Heat: Not too hot, not cold and it stayed hot for the entire time I had it [7/10].
Coffee: The coffee had a gentle and rich flavour, with no bitterness and no sugar necessary. There was no gunge [10/10].
Price: Free [10/10].
Overall: [7/10].