United States of America Two Creek Coffee House, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: Cappuccino
Two Creek Coffee House, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: Cappuccino

Two Creek Coffee House is a small coffee house in the Avenues neighbourhood of Salt Lake City, Utah, in the US. At one time it was a house and it has since been turned into a coffee shop. In 2007 new owners took over the place and they have done considerable work at putting together a very comfortable neighbourhood coffee house. Not to be missed is the beautiful garden area (formerly the back yard), which is mostly shaded, and is also dog friendly, though it would be great if it had some footpaths. The interior of the coffee house is warm, comfortable, and inviting. The establishment also offers free Wi-Fi, has two rooms for patrons to sit, and provides ample parking. The hours are somewhat limited but it is a great place to go to during a summer weekend, and is rarely, if ever, crowded.

Two Creek Coffee House, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA: Cappuccino

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Size: Roughly 10oz [296ml]. I ordered a 12oz [355ml] cappuccino for myself and a 12oz latte for a friend, and the latte was in a bigger cup than the cappuccino, so I was just as confused as the barista appears to be. [6/10]
Foam: Heaping, with espresso crema incorporated. [7/10]
Heat: Could have been hotter. [6/10]
Coffee: Strong, earthy, slightly nutty flavour, but a bit overpowering. There were some coffee grounds in the cup. [7/10]
Price: $2.75* [?] - cheap, but $0.50* [?] to go up in size (see the size options below) seems steep. [7/10]
Overall: The size isn't the best, and the cup didn't fit with the saucer given. Though the foam and milk were proportionately accurate, the coffee was too flavourful and overpowering. Also, some espresso grounds littered the spoon and saucer, and there were quite a few in the cup as well. [6/10]
When: 13 July 2008
Other Options Available:
16oz Cappuccino: $3.25* [?]
20oz Cappuccino: $3.75* [?]

Contact Details
Where: 502 East 3rd Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84103, USA
Hours: Monday to Friday: 06:00 to 19:00; Saturday and Sunday: 07:00 to 19:00
Phone: +1 801 363 3238

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