South AfricaJohn Dory's Fish & Grill, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
John Dory's Fish & Grill, Port ElizabethDuring one of my trips to Port Elizabeth I found myself in the vicinity of Walmer Park with an appetite and about an hour to kill, so I decided to have lunch at John Dory's. It's a generic shopping mall restaurant but scores points in my book for not having pretensions of being anything else. The meal was - to be honest, I don't remember too much about it, except that it didn't give me the trots and the portion was a bit on the stingy side. However, since this category is Cappuccino Quest and not Meal Quest, I had best focus on the task at hand, hadn't I?

I didn't have high hopes that a fish 'n' steak joint would be able to cobble together a decent cup of coffee, but I was pleasantly surprised by the restaurant's cappuccino-making skills.

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Where: Shop 50, Walmer Park Shopping Centre, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Hours: n/a
Phone: +27 41 367 1880
When: 29 September 2006
Size: Regular [8/10].
Foam: About 10mm thick. Light and fluffy with a sprinkling of chocolate powder [8/10].
Heat:Hot, but not scalding [7/10].
Coffee: The cappuccino had a pleasant, nutty flavour and didn't need to be disguised with sugar. It was a satisfyingly dark colour and there was very little residue [8/10].
Price: R9.00 [?] [8/10].
Overall: Astonishingly good [8/10]. Comments