South AfricaMugg & Bean (Cavendish Square Branch), Cape Town, South Africa: Quick Cappuccino
Mugg & Bean is known for its coffee - especially its bottomless filter coffee (R8.90 [?]) - and I have had many cappuccinos at a number of different Mugg & Bean locations over the years, but have never paid attention until now. Since I was there for dinner [review] I tried both the normal cappuccino and the new red cappuccino [review], which is beginning to appear on menus all over the city.

There are a number of different cappuccinos on the menu:
• Quick Cappuccino: "European style single shot espresso"; 250ml, R9.20 [?]
• Easy Cappuccino: "SA style single shot espresso"; 300ml, R10.40 [?]
• Serious Cappuccino: "Double shot espresso"; 400ml, R14.75 [?]
• Red Cappuccino: "100% export grade rooibos tea"; 250ml, R10.40 [?]

Mugg & Bean also serves a Babychino: "frothed milk dusted with hot chocolate, served in an espresso cup" for the kids (R2.00 [?])

Mugg and Bean Cavendish: Quick Cappuccino

I opted for the smallest size, the Quick Cappuccino, in line with the rules. It was served in a Mugg & Bean-branded cup with a matching saucer and there was a small biscuit on the side. We had a container on the table with Mugg & Bean branded brown and white sugar packets.

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Where: Ground Floor, Cavendish Square, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa
Hours: Monday to Thursday and Saturday: 09:00-18:00; Friday: 09:00-21:00; Sunday: 10:00-16:00
Phone: +27 21 683 3329
When: 3 November 2006
Size: The Quick Cappuccino is apparently 250ml, and the cup was filled almost to the brim [8/10].
(Size note: There are also "Easy" (300ml) and "Serious" (400ml) options.)
Foam: There was barely any foam. What you can see in the picture is pretty much all of it - it was millimetres thick. Hot chocolate powder (which may have been Cadbury's Hot Chocolate) was sprinkled on top. The hot chocolate was tasty, but the lack of foam was disappointing and there really wasn't enough for me to be able to take note of the taste [4/10].
Heat: Warm [5/10].
Coffee: The cappuccino was incredibly milky, which masked the taste of the coffee and made the drink rather unpleasant for me. There was a little bit of gunge left at the bottom [5/10].
Price: R9.20 [?] - not bad, since they didn't skimp on the coffee, but not good either, considering the coffee wasn't that great [6/10].
(Price note: Easy: R10.40 [?]; Serious: R14.75 [?].)
Overall: The price was reasonable for the size but there was almost no foam and the coffee was made with way too much milk. I didn't enjoy it at all [4/10]. Comments