South AfricaKauai (Mostert Street Branch), Cape Town, South Africa: Regular Cappuccino (Takeaway)
Kauai is known for its healthy food that uses fresh ingredients, lots of vegetables, and takes into consideration issues such as food intolerances. Branches have been springing up all over Cape Town and the establishment becomes more popular as an alternative to traditional fast food outlets, and you can now also find Kauais in other parts of the country.

Outlets will deliver within walking distance, so I thought I'd try the Mostert Street branch's cappuccino offering one day while I was working in the Gardens area of Cape Town. The closest branch to the Foreshore area of Cape Town on the other side of the city is the branch in Long Street, and that branch refuses to deliver to the Foreshore. This is shortsighted, I think, because there must be 5 000 to 10 000 potential customers in this area.

Kauai also makes a hazelnut cappuccino, which I haven't tried yet.

Kauai: Regular Cappuccino - Takeaway

The delivery took a while and by the time I received the coffee it was barely warm. It came with a wooden stirrer but no sugar. Presumably sugar was added when the coffee was made, but I couldn't taste it and had to add more at the office.

South Opinion
Where: 1 Mostert Street, Cape Town, South Africa
Hours: n/a
Phone: +27 21 461 7867
When: 9 November 2006
Size: Regular. The cappuccino was served in a Kauai-branded paper cup [7/10].
(Size Note: There is also a "Tall" size and both sizes are available in decaf.)
Foam: The milk foam was very light and "unfoamy", as my notes say. There was something sprinkled on top; it was gooey, but don't know what it was - perhaps coffee. Unfortunately I forgot to note how thick the foam was but if I remember correctly it was less than a centimetre [3/10].
Heat: Lukewarm [4/10].
Coffee: Yuck. It was terrible. It tasted like (bad) instant coffee even though the menu says "Lavazza - Italy's favourite coffee". Too much milk had been added and it tasted like there was no sugar (or very little). There was no gunge [4/10].
Price: R9.90 [?] - a reasonable price [6/10].
(Price Note: The Regular has recently increased in price to R10.50 [?] (I consider that expensive) and the Tall is R12.90 [?].)
Overall: After this experience I resolved never to order a cappuccino again and rather stick to Kauai's smoothies, which are spectacular, but I may in future give it one more shot, but at one of the branches rather than as a takeaway [3/10].


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