South AfricaChai-Yo, Cape Town, South Africa: Cappuccino
Chai-Yo is a popular Thai restaurant situated in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, and one of my favourite restaurants. I went there for dinner one Friday evening [review] and during the course of the meal decided to try Chai-Yo's version of the cappuccino for the Cappuccino Quest. There is only one size available and you can also order it decaf, although the menu does not indicate this.

Chai-Yo: Cappuccino

Our cappuccinos were served in Caturra-branded cups and the sugar was served on the side in a small bowl that matched the theme and décor of the restaurant.

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Where: 65 Durban Road, Mowbray, Cape Town, South Africa
Hours: n/a
Phone: +27 21 689 6156
Web Site: n/a
When: 17 November 2006
Size: Regular. The cappuccino was served in a normal sized cup so I would estimate that it was about 200ml [7/10].
Foam: Visually, the high foam was very pleasing and, on top, there was a significant dusting of what we think was Nescafé hot chocolate. The consistency was a little fluffy, however [6/10].br />
Heat: Warmish [6/10].
Coffee: Presumably the Caturra-branded cup was an indication of the brand of filter coffee that the restaurant uses. Gideon didn't think it needed any sugar and that it complemented his honey and coconut ice-cream with deep-fried bananas very well. I only needed to add one spoon of sugar. The flavour was quite rich and the coffee had been well brewed. There was no gunge [7/10].
(Coffee Note: You can also order decaf for the same price.]
Price: R10.50 [?] - somewhat expensive! [4/10]
Overall: The cappuccino was quite good, but it lost some points due to the high price and fluffiness of the foam [7/10].
Primary Tester: Mandy J Watson
Secondary Tester: Gideon Joubert