South Africa Jonkershuis, Groot Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa: Cappuccino
Jonkershuis: CappuccinoJonkershuis is the popular restaurant at the Groot Constantia wine estate in Constantia, one of Cape Town's more affluent southern suburbs. Sundays are a popular day for families, or groups of friends with kids, to go and wander around the vineyards and then have brunch at the restaurant. Groot Constantia is a national monument and the oldest wine farm in South Africa, and worth a visit if you are interested in South African cultural history.

The cappuccino was served in a Buondi-branded cup, with a small shortcake biscuit on the side that melted in my mouth and was very tasty. A selection of brown and white sugars and sweetener were available in a separate bowl.

South Africa Opinion
Size: 250ml, served in a cup. [8/10]
Foam: Piled high, with lots of hot chocolate on top. It looked great. The foam was also creamy and of a reasonable thickness so it didn't deteriorate quickly. Overall, it was very good. [8/10]
Heat: Warmish. [6/10]
Coffee: According to the menu the coffee was Buondi Gold Espresso, ground to order. It tasted very burnt, but not bitter, so I didn't really enjoy it. I presume the burnt taste was due to brewing mistakes when the coffee was made, rather than the quality of the blend. (As it is I would be hesitant to try the cappuccino at Jonkershuis again but I would like to try this particular brand of coffee one more time.) There was just the right amount of milk, and there was no gunge. [4/10]
Price: R12* [?]. This is about the average price for a cappuccino in Cape Town at the moment, although I don't necessarily think it equals value for money. [6/10]
Overall: The foam was awesome and this would have been a high scoring cappuccino had the coffee had a decent taste. It stands at about the average kind of cappuccino you're likely to find in Cape Town at the moment, which is very telling of the lack of quality in the city these days. [5/10]
When: 1 June 2008
Other Options Available:
Cappuccino Decaf: regular size, R14* [?]
Cappuccino With Cream: regular size, R16* [?]
Junior Cappuccino: size unknown, contents unknown, R4* [?]

Contact Details
Where: Groot Constantia Wine Estate, Off Constantia Main Road, Constantia, 7800, Cape Town, South Africa
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 09:00-23:00; Sunday: 09:00-17:00
Phone: +27 21 794 6255 Speak Your Mind

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