South Africa Hollow On The Square, CBD, Cape Town, South Africa: Cappuccino
Hollow On The Square, CBD, Cape Town, South Africa: CappuccinoAfter we were politely chucked out of Caffè deLuca we went on a bit of a search to find another coffee shop in the area as it was the middle of winter and the weather was foul, so we couldn't just hang around outside near Heerengracht Fountain, where I was doing most of my cellular-phone testing, not that we wanted to anyway.

What a surprise it was to find that the city had pretty much shut down by that point. Little coffee shops and side cafés that are usually bustling with people during the week were closed and the city was deserted. I'm not sure how Cape Town plans to become a 24-hour city when this happens. In fact, a year later, not much has changed.

We eventually found one place that was open in the vicinity of the fountain - a hotel, Hollow On The Square. We settled in the bar/lounge area, which is adjacent to a second bar for smokers (should that be of interest to you). Both rooms have TV screens on which sport is invariably playing and the area is a Wi-Fi hot spot. There was a large group of friends in the lounge who had congregated to watch the match that was on so we sat, comfortably, on the couches to one side so that we could discuss the phone testing and drink our cappuccinos. Unfortunately, the service was incredibly slow and inattentive. While the other group of people were waited on timeously we sat for about half an hour being totally ignored until I eventually went to ask a nearby concierge if we could have some service. We felt most unwelcome and therefore ordered less than we most likely would have otherwise.

South Africa Opinion
Size: We were served our cappuccinos in standard cups that hold about 250ml. [8/10]
Foam: The foam was only about half a centimetre thick and very light and fluffy and insubstantial. I didn't think it was very good. A little bit of hot chocolate was sprinkled on top. [5/10]
Heat: Very hot. [9/10]
Coffee: As Paul commented: "Generic, hot, restaurant coffee." I couldn't say it better myself. There was also a lot of gunge. We don't know what brand of coffee was used. [4/10]
Price: R12* [?], I think. Unfortunately I forgot to note the price at the time. [4/10]
Overall: The cappuccino wasn't very good. [4/10]
Primary Tester: Mandy J Watson
Additional Testers: Paul Pregnolato, Doane Smuts
When: 19 May 2007

Contact Details
Where: 9 Ryk Tulbagh Square, Hans Strijdom Avenue, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
Hours: n/a (but most likely early till late, seven days a week, as the bar services the hotel guests, primarily)
Phone: +27 21 421 5140 Speak Your Mind

* Price is correct for date of testing
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