South Africa Woolworths Café, Constantia Village, Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa: Tall Cappuccino
Woolworths Café, Constantia Village, Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa: Tall CappuccinoI had brunch with a friend and we decided to try the Woolworths Café inside the Woolworths store at Constantia Village, a shopping centre in an affluent Southern Suburb of Cape Town near where I tried a cappuccino at Jonkershuis a few weeks ago [read the review]. We recently published a Cappuccino Quest review [read the review] of Woolworths Café in Cavendish Square in Claremont, another (slightly less) affluent Southern Suburb of Cape Town, and I was interested to see how the cappuccinos would compare considering how over a year has passed and while it's the same chain, it's a different store.

We ordered short cappuccinos but when the order arrived we were given tall cappuccinos. When we pointed this out the waitress said we should just tell the waitress that had taken our order to charge us for the short cappuccino instead but it still completely threw off my testing.

Dotted around the café are menu notes and table stands proclaiming Woolworths' commitment to organic produce, farming methods, and fair trade and vast information regarding the coffee beans brewed in the kitchen, some of which I shall reproduce here so that you have an idea of my fanciful expectations going in:

Organic Coffee - making a difference to local communities [from a table stand]
Our organic coffee comes from the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro and the Ethiopian Highlands, where it's grown according to the principles of sustainable organic farming. But it's not only better for the planet - it's also better for the community. Producing our delicious, full-flavoured organic coffee is a labour-intensive endeavour that provides sustainable employment and a safer working environment, making it a win-win situation.

Organic Coffee - making a difference to the environment [from a table stand]
All our coffee is produced according to strict organic principles, which means no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used. Grown under a canopy of tall shade trees which both shelter the beans from the harsh sun and create a natural layer of compost which helps maintain good soil quality, our coffee matures more slowly, allowing it to develop its rich, flavoursome aroma and satisfying full flavour.

[Notes from the menu]
- we only use filtered water for all our hot beverages
- all our coffee beans are certified organic. Sourced from Africa, our pure Arabica beans are grown using only natural fertilizers[sic] and environmentally friendly pest control methods
- our exclusive Ayrshire milk not only tastes richer and creamier, it also comes from cows not treated with artificial hormones like Rbst
- only certified baristas are qualified to make your coffee
- all our coffee is used within 10 days of roasting
- we take care of your coffee every step of the way from cherry to cup

Finally, a logo on the menu indicates that the coffee is certified organic by Afrisco.

(Bold reproduced verbatim and please note that I know that this comes off as sarcastic but I am actually a big supporter of these ethical ideals. I'm just not too fond of marketing spin.)

Woolworths Café, Constantia Village, Constantia, Cape Town, South AfricaIt took about 20 minutes before we were served our coffee, and it was 45 minutes before we received our food. I ordered "tartines with portebellini mushroom and herbed feta" on wholewheat (R28 [?]), which amounted to, well, what you can see. As you can see from the photo a salad obviously accidentally fell on my plate next to my one small piece of toasted wholewheat bread. In my opinion R28 is a bit much, but it did taste good. In the background you can see my dining companion's brunch. I think he ordered the roasted chicken tartines on rye (approximately R38 [?]) and was surprised to receive double the amount of bread that I received. I'm also not sure he got exactly what he ordered.

South Africa Opinion
Size: The tall cappuccino looked to be around 350ml but I am not entirely sure as I'm not used to estimating the sizes of the larger cappuccinos. For that reason it's also quite difficult to rate. [7/10]
Foam: The foam was around 1.5cm thick and reasonably creamy but also quite fluffy. There was a hot chocolate splodge along the top on one side. [6/10]
Heat: Warmish. [6/10]
Coffee: The coffee was quite dark due to very little exclusive Ayrshire milk (I think I now understand why it's "exclusive") and tasted very burnt. I didn't like it at all. There was a lot of gunge at the bottom. [3/10]
Price: R16* [?]. [4/10]
Overall: The foam was ok but the coffee wasn't. I presume this has more to do with the barista than the actual coffee. I'd like to taste it when made by a more qualified professional. I'm sure I'd have a vastly different experience. [4/10]
When: 28 June 2008
Other Options Available:
Short Cappuccino: (My guess would be around) 250ml, R13* [?].
This is the cappuccino we tried to order. The price is also quite expensive, especially considering the quality of the coffee.
Short Rooibos Cappuccino: (My guess would be around) 250ml, R14* [?]
Tall Rooibos Cappuccino: (My guess would be around) 350ml, R16* [?]

Contact Details
Where: Inside the Woolworths store, Constantia Village, corner of Spaanschemacht Road and Constantia Main Road, Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 08:30 to 20:00; Friday: 08:00 to 20:00; Saturday: 09:00 to 18:00; Sunday 09:00 to 17:00
Phone: +27 21 799 7711 Speak Your Mind

* Price is correct for date of testing
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