Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Robots
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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 17 September 2010
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The ninja-infested high seas are no place for a pirate. Well, I mean, they are, it's just not pleasant. Then, on land, zombies. Plus, the robot scourge! Or, maybe, what's a poor ninja to do? You just can't catch a break. Pirates and zombies. We'll need robots! Also, what about those zombies? Shame. Mmmmmmmm. Braaaaaaaains. The robots? Silent killers. Like the ninjas. It's cyclical.

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. RobotsWow. I'm not sure that I even need to write a review. After all, this is pirates versus ninjas* versus zombies versus robots. What's not to love? (*Some of the ninjas are kung-fu practitioners - China called, it wants its heritage back.)

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Robots is a mock trailer for an imaginary 1936 Republic Pictures release. The creative mind behind it, who may or may not be the film's "director" Nate Levine, is someone called deidzoeb. The production is a mashup of clips from a bunch of movies (most of which are in the public domain, though there are a few that appear not to be), such as Captain Kidd, Night Of The Living Dead, and Revolt Of The Zombies, and the music was plucked from three vintage films. The trailer's storyline isn't entirely cohesive so you can have fun making up your own storylines as you try to fit all the characters and situations into it, which is kind of what Robert Rodriguez had to do for Machette.

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Robots

The trailer's filled with famous faces... that you won't recognise unless you know your film history... as well as dramatic sword fights, a damsel looking distressed, and forbidden love. There's an Africa connection, too, because much of the action takes place on the high seas just north of Madagascar, which makes sense because the area is known for its zombie infestations and pirate hideouts.

(I'm still not really clear on how the ninjas got there... but then they are ninjas.)

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Robots

On the technical side the cut's a little rough around the edges and the aspect ratios of the various movies differ, so some have been squished into 4:3 rather than standardised in a widescreen format with vertical black strips. The in and out sound fades are also lacking some finesse in places but none of it detracts from the fun.

Does it make a lot of sense? Not really - but it's highly entertaining because it's pirates versus ninjas versus zombies versus robots and you can watch that over and over and over and over. You can't really go wrong with such a marvellous combination.

See the links below, under "Key Facts" to Internet Archive (archive.org) listings of some of the movies that are in the public domain, where you will find legal, free downloadable video files.

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Rating: 6/10

Key Facts: Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Robots
Year: 2008 (29 April 2008)
Running Time: 00:02:41
Genres: Action, Comedy, Mashup, Trailer
Credits: YouTube: deidzoeb

Featured Films
Captain Kidd: (1945) | IMDb | Download Internet Archive
She Hao Dan Xin Zhen Jiu Zhou: (Snake: Crane Secret, 1976) | IMDb
Night Of The Living Dead: (1968) | IMDb | Download Internet Archive
Revolt Of The Zombies: (1936) | IMDb | Download Internet Archive
La Muerte Viviente: (Isle Of The Snake People, 1971) | IMDb
La Guerra Dei Robot: (War Of The Robots, 1978) | IMDb
The Phantom Creeps: (1939) | IMDb | Download Internet Archive
Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet: (1965) | IMDb | Download Internet Archive
Captain Scarface: (1952) | IMDb | Download Internet Archive
The Iron Mask: (1929) | IMDb | Download Internet Archive

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Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Robots: More Information | YouTube

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