#Zombies: Followers Of The Dead
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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 23 February 2012
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Once the zombies start attacking will you be in the middle of the action with weapons at the ready, documenting the proceedings... or organising the survivors? This short parody looks at the rock-star social-media organisers who keep hope alive as the living dead rise.

#Zombies: Followers Of The DeadLast year we highlighted CSI: Legoland, an amusing short by director Joe Nicolosi that parodies the CSI series of TV shows by placing familiar characters and scenarios in the usually sanitised world of LEGO. Many people don't know that this was not his first work of parody. There are others, including #Zombies: Followers Of The Dead, a mockumentary that interviews survivors of an ongoing zombie apocalypse to discover how they've used ubiquitous 21st-century tools, Twitter and the iPhone, to organise and survive for six months.

#Zombies: Followers Of The Dead makes fun of ordinary citizens who are suddenly thrust into the social-media spotlight because they happened to be somewhere at the right time to broadcast topical information, propelling them to god-like status (or so some of them think, anyway). It also mocks how social-media culture begins to corrupt something topical over time and how the culture morphs into something new - disinformation is intentionally spread; urban myths proliferate; people put themselves in danger to document topical moments rather than assist, in order to increase their social-media standing; and people with misguided (re)interpretations of situations (#rapture) generate their own cult followings that compete for ownership of "the truth".

#Zombies: Followers Of The Dead

The attention to detail (bar the spelling mistake noted above) is once again as impressive as what we saw in CSI: Legoland. You'll need to watch #Zombies: Followers Of The Dead a few times to catch everything, such as the list of trending topics on Twitter (including #howtokillzombies, #lolzombies, OMG, #safehouse, and zombie cats); a meta reference to an instructional "video", HOW TO KILL A ZOMBIE -- 9MM EDITION (sadly it doesn't actually exist), by the short's director (who is also the guy with the gun in the video); a Foursquare diss; and shoutouts to numerous zombie- and pop-culture-related celebrities.

#Zombies: Followers Of The Dead

The quality, however, is not just to be found in the subtle details.

The entire short was shot unscripted, with the actors ad libbing the scenes, which heightens the realism, although the premise does, of course, require some suspension of disbelief (not because of the zombies but because everyone knows that the iPhone's battery doesn't last half a day, which isn't nearly enough time to get from one safe house to another for a recharge using an emergency generator so you can keep your followers updated).

The editing, which makes a huge difference to this kind of production, is excellent and the short jumps between diverse topics seamlessly, which makes me wonder how much extra footage was shot that then couldn't be used. (I'd love to see it.) You can also see that much thought went into the location choices, which are diverse yet all have marks of damage, destruction, and decay - much of it, I presume, not requiring special effects though there are certain places where you know software has been utilised, to good effect.

#Zombies: Followers Of The Dead

Unsurprisingly, this is another great piece of filmmaking by Joe Nicolosi, which slyly pinpoints the absurdities of our modern lifestyle with the take-away message being, of course, that when the #zombie apocalypse hits it's all about the tools.

You can watch #Zombies: Followers Of The Dead below. Please Like this page, share it on Facebook, and leave a comment if you enjoyed it (or tell us if you didn't).

Watch Online Watch Online: #Zombies: Followers Of The Dead

brainwavez.org Opinion: #Zombies: Followers Of The Dead (2011)
Rating: 7/10

Key Facts: #Zombies: Followers Of The Dead (2011)
Year: 2011 (6 September 2011)
Running Time: 00:03:50
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Mockumentary
Creator: Joe Nicolosi

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Joe Nicolosi: Official Site | Twitter | Vimeo | Yfrog | YouTube

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