DODOcase Classic For iPad 3/iPad 2

By: Mandy J Watson
Posted: 29 August 2012
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New uses for the skills of artisan bookbinders have been devised in the form of the beautiful DODOcase Classic For iPad 3/iPad 2 hardcover protective case that is both durable and stylish.

DODOcase Classic For iPad 3/iPad 2I see and evaluate a lot of cases and covers every year - both protective and designer (and occasionally both) - primarily for the iPad but also for phones. Most are high quality and serve their intended purpose well but few really make me go "I want that". The DODOcase Classic, for the iPad 2 and the 3rd generation iPad, is one of those exceptions.

The name and product itself play on the theme of extinction (or, more accurately, attempts to protect from extinction). The products use eco-friendly materials and the company "supports local" but the primary intention is to keep artisan bookbinders, whose skills are increasingly becoming irrelevant in our gadgetified e-book culture, employed and relevant by inventing new uses for their skills.

The cases comprise a black exterior of Moroccan cloth over boards and inside you will find linen in one of four colour options (red, sky blue, charcoal, or green). The case I was sent to evaluate is sky blue and I absolutely love the colour, which is somewhere between a cobalt blue and a blue teal. The tray is (presumably machine) carved from bamboo and there is an elasticised strap that you can either wrap around the iPad in the case or around the case when it's closed. Each corner of the tray is protected with a piece of rubber so when the lid is shut no scraping wear and tear occurs on either the lid or the tray. The rubber pads also help to fit the iPad snugly in the tray and prevent its corners from scraping against the inside of the tray.

DODOcase Classic For iPad 3/iPad 2

I tested the DODOcase Classic with an iPad 2 and most of the cutouts in the tray were suitable - you can access the headphone jack on top and the connector dock on the bottom. The speaker on the bottom of the iPad 2 is also unobstructed at the base of the case (though of course the section that wraps to the back isn't). There is a cutout on the right-hand side to give you access to the volume and lock buttons but due to the curve of the iPad 2 you can't really reach them without lifting the tablet slightly out of the case. The same is true of the power button on the top right.

However I would argue that this case is designed more for stylish storage and transportation, not for in-case use, although the case lid can be folded completely backwards and underneath to allow for elevated typing ("Typing Mode") or at an angle to make it easier to watch videos ("Perch Mode").

DODOcase Classic For iPad 3/iPad 2

The DODOcase Classic doesn't feature a camera hole (some of the other cases in the range do by default) but I doubt that that would be an issue for most owners. However, if this is something that will bother you, you can pay an extra US$4.95 [?] if you buy directly from the manufacturers and one will be added for you. You can also add monogramming or text in one of three places (spine, centre top, front), which will be stamped with hot foil in gold or black, at an extra cost of US$9.95 [?] (monogram) or US$12.95 [?] (free-form text).

Over time the case does have a tendency to bow slightly in the middle should you rest something on top of it for any length of time (which you shouldn't do... but you will, eventually, as it's human nature to place things on flat surfaces). This is due to the fact that there is a slight gap between the case and the rubber pads at the spine so the lid is never flush on top of the iPad, which is probably a good thing except for that fact that in time it leads to a dip forming.

The case doesn't seem to experience much of a dust problem, even though the cutouts at the top and bottom are quite large, but should this be a problem it is very easy to clean with a soft cloth. Therefore, besides the slight bowing, the DODOcase Classic is very strong and durable and it's quite difficult to scuff through normal use, except on the outer corners.

This is a high-end case - you will pay a premium, though the price set by the local South African distributors is about the same as the price of a number of other iPad cases I've seen - but think of it as contributing to the preservation of some endangered skills.

DODOcase Classic For iPad 3/iPad 2

For book lovers struggling with loss associated with the transition to electronic reading devices this is a beautiful compromise that should go some way to easing the conscience. Plus, it'll look completely at home on your desk next to your Moleskine collection.

The DODOcase Classic review unit was supplied by Wintec Solutions. An earlier version of this review first appeared on BOOKS Live.

Tags: #technology Opinion
Rating: 8/10

Key Facts: DODOcase Classic For iPad 3/iPad 2
Manufacturer: DODOcase
Dimensions: 201x252x23mm (WxHxD)
SKU: IP111008

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