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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 17 November 2011
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What does an average zombie horde look like? What would you encounter if random members of the public suddenly amassed outside your house, looking for braaaaiiinnns? We asked for your best ZombieBooth shots and here's what we received. Combined, the collection is slightly frightening. Therefore, don't forget: when confronted, aim for the head. (Then run like hell!)

Recently we featured a review of ZombieBooth on the site but there's only so much you can do with a limited pool of test subjects so we threw it open as a challenge to the world: submit your best ZombieBooth-generated picture.

The results are below and some of them are fantastic. Not only that, but I have learnt more about the app's capabilities, so special thanks to the international zombie horde for the valuable data.

Now, on to the pictures!

Zombie CarterZombie Alison Westwood
Zombie Carter is coming to get you, Barbara. Zombie Alison Westwood has a blog that's all about finding food, though she hasn't yet mentioned braaaaaiiiinnns. You can also follow her on Twitter (but if she starts following you you know you'd better grab a weapon).

Zombie CuelanAnonyzombie
Zombie Cuelan has deftly retained her shades even as she scares small children and eats family pets. The Anonyzombie on the right will be happy to snack on any superfluous grey matter lying around.

AnonyzombieZombie Gavin
This Anonyzombie had some good times and some bad times. Now she's thinking "Gimme some o' that!". Zombie Gavin is eyeing some brainy nom noms in the corner.

Zombie GregZombie Lacretia
It's been a long day so Zombie Greg is quietly decomposing on a couch but who's laughing now, huh? Who's laughing now? Zombie Lacretia, it seems, as her evil, dead eyes pierce your soul.

Zombie JaseAnonyzombie
Ever stylish Zombie Jase is rocking manly stubble paired with perfect hair. What is his secret? Braaaaaaiiinss! (Well, I imagine that's what he'd say, if he still has his tongue.) In her former life this office Anonyzombie smacked undisciplined coworkers with a whip she keeps under her desk. Now she just gives them the zombie death stare to keep them in line.

Zombie SoleighZombie Mike
Zombie Soleigh has a depth perception problem but you just can't look away! After all, you're faced with a tunnel leading straight into the mind of hell. Zombie Mike is one of those fast-moving ones that surprises you on the stairs right when you think you're about to escape to (brief) freedom.

Zombie IngePaul The Putrescent
Zombie Inge still needs her glasses for the eye that hasn't adapted to zombie awesome. Paul The Putrescent is known and feared all across the world, not so much for his lumbering gait but rather the lingering smell.

(As an aside, ZombieBooth recommends that you remove your glasses before taking a snapshot for the app to process but as you can see in these examples, sometimes the glasses work to the final image's advantage.)

Zombie Ania RokitaZombie Lee
You can follow Zombie Ania Rokita on Twitter. As a bonus, if she's retained any of her braaaaiiiins, she'll fix your grammar and punctuation... for a bloody price. Zombie Lee loathes lumbering so he uses his glasses to channel the sun and set fire to unsuspecting people. Mmmmm. Fried brains. Yum. It's science!

Zombie VickyZombie Ronel
Are you cowering in terror? Zombie Vicky has perfected the Joker look for added psychological trauma. Make sure you sleep with one eye open! (If you only have one left, like Zombie Soleigh, that might make it easier.) Zombie Ronel hasn't seen the sun in a while because she wandered upon renegade survivors holed up in the basement. Shame. They spent too much time bickering over best-practice procedures for apocalypse scenarios and weren't prepared for uninvited guests. They really had no chance.

Zombie SarahAnonyzombie
The icy stare of Zombie Sarah will melt your braaaaaiiinns but this Anonyzombie is proof that if you eat too many braaaaiiiinnns you will eventually go blind.

AnonyzombieMandy The 12th Iteration
Pretty in pink but don't be fooled - this Anonyzombie will literally steal your heart. Mandy The 12th Iteration was named by the geeks. She has a habit of eating bytes instead of braaaaiiinnns.

(This was a sunlight experiment - I wanted to see how the app would handle extremes of light and shadow. The photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's three-megapixel back camera.)

MushyZombie Mushy
Once upon a time Mushy was a happy cat, though some still felt uneasy about that stare. Then the plague hit and even cats and dogs were consumed. Now Zombie Mushy terrorises the suburbs and haunts the dreams of cat lovers everywhere.

(As you can see, ZombieBooth can be used on anything with a face, though the results may vary.)

Zombie Geoffrey
Watch out! Zombie pets are nimble and quick and can fit through small holes in your zombie barricades. They stalk their prey in a terrifying way with a tenacious grip that doesn't slip. They'll break your bones in their powerful jaws while their frightful paws muffle your moans. (Sorry.)

Zombie Geoffrey is fond of fingers. Keep yours away from him or you'll lose your digits... and your sanity.

Special thanks to all our zombie test subjects and their sample photographs.

ZombieBooth is available for free for Android devices. A $0.99 [?] iOS version of the app is also available through the iTunes App Store.

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ZombieBooth v3.05
Somewhere, deep in a lab that's probably in Japan, some clever real-time-processing technology has been utilised for the advancement of zombies. The result? With one click of a camera button and this free zombification app you can be your own worst nightmare!
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 3 November 2011  |  View Comments
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