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ZombieBooth v3.05
Somewhere, deep in a lab that's probably in Japan, some clever real-time-processing technology has been utilised for the advancement of zombies. The result? With one click of a camera button and this free zombification app you can be your own worst nightmare!
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 3 November 2011  |  View Comments

World Cupinion
Part of the fun of a live sports event is watching it with friends and participating in the form of fan reactions - but what if you're home alone or stuck at the office? World Cupinion, a university research project being run during the World Cup, presents a whole new interactive experience.
By: Mandy J Watson  |  Posted: 1 July 2010  |  View Comments
Category: Tech > Software > Reviews

Tasty Apps Red Snapper 1.3
Sometimes you need to archive a web page for offline viewing or permanent archiving, and the PDF function in Safari on the Mac just doesn't get it right. Enter Red Snapper: a perfect little browser plug-in for preserving almost everything on the Web. Well, if you have a Mac. Don't complain.
By: Paul Pregnolato  |  Posted: 24 April 2007  |  View Comments