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South Africa By: Mandy J Watson on 23 November 2010
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We've got vouchers for free MP3s from Ovi Music to give away, courtesy of Nokia South Africa. Read on to find out how to enter.

We have winners! See the comments for details. Thank you to all who entered!

Nokia South Africa has kindly offered two Ovi Music vouchers to give away to our site's visitors.

Ovi Music

Winners Will Receive
• A R250 Ovi Music voucher, which can be used to purchase any tracks or albums in the South African Ovi Music store catalogue. (R250 is the equivalent of up to four albums or 25 to 30 individual tracks.) All the tracks are DRM free, in MP3 format, and they are yours to keep forever, with no copying, transferring, or writing-to-disc restrictions. Click here to learn more about Ovi Music.

How To Enter
We, at, want to know what truly awesome, not well known music you're interested in, and Nokia South Africa wants to know what's missing from its catalogue that you might want to buy - the local team enjoys the challenge of tracking down music and trying to secure the rights to resell it in the store (find out more about that here).

Therefore, to enter, we'd like you to search the catalogue and post a comment on this page about one of your favourite artists, or rare favourite tracks, that you can't find. We managed (not) to find two artists - one from South Africa and one from the US, that we have previously featured on this site, as well as a few others that are listed as artists but have no tracks available, so this is definitely not an impossible task even though there are millions of tracks in the store.

• The competition closes at 15:00 (SAST), Friday 26 November 2010.
• To qualify, you must be a resident of South Africa. There's been some confusion here - by "resident" we mean "you live here" - at least part of the time (a student, say) - not that you have some sort of official status from the Department Of Home Affairs.
• To enter, you have to post a comment below, as per the instructions above.
• If, for some reason, you post more than one comment, only the first one will count as an entry. If a later comment is picked in the draw that entry will be re-run in the random-number generator.
• Winners will be chosen by means of a random-number generator.
• Eligible contributors to may enter. Eligible editors of may not enter.
• Winners will be announced on this page and at @brainwavez just after 15:00 on Friday 26 November 2010 and winners' voucher codes will be emailed to them.
• If a winner cannot be contacted reserves the right to choose a new winner.

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